Luke Gilder's  Brother
Gray shoulkder rig
for Coonan 10MM
$549.00 + 20.00 S&H

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Special Payment Page
Vincent Miles
Ruger Bearcat New Model .22
$150.00 + 20.00 S&H
$170.00 total
Robert Carera
2 "B" Basket weaved
Single Speed loader Pouch
$59.00 ea + $14.00 S&H
TOTAL:  $132.00
Dennis Youngman
Elmer Lapp style western Rig  For
S&W .460  Perf. Center
$495.00 + 20.00 S&H
Darin Clark  
Reg belt       Double leather
$79.00              $125.00
Don't get confused...Called me so I can help you find what you're looking for.
Your Leather craftsman:  Lynn 267-664-0485
email me at:
Custom Knife shoulder rig
$175.00 + 20.00 S&H
TOTAL:  $195.00
Cody VanGinkel
Custom Tooled 1851
Shoulder Holster Rig
$475.00 + 20.00 S&H
Joseph P.endoza
Combo Chest waist holster
Raging Judge 513   3"
6 rounds - Lt brown R-hand  
Terry New
Derringer Thumb Break holster
for Amer. Derringer M-1 3"
.357  over/under barrel
$189.00 + 20.00 S&H
Rifle sling/scabbard
$149.00 + 20.00 S&H
William Frenchu
Custom Chest Holster in the Mike
Wild style with some changes
$405.00 + 20.,00 S&H
Jonathan Bourland

Chest holster for S&W 500
$470.00 + 20.00 S&H

Jon Mazer
Complete floral 1911 holster rig
Belt/holster/handcuff pouch,2 mag pouches
Floral tooling
Suggested floral design
The thin bage art you sent will get lost
on black leather so I suggest either a
thicker drawing or if not available I
would put a thinker bold circle around
your art and have it stand out more.
See the art here on black & Silver
Black..There are things I can do to
make it show better.
Cost complete
with shipping
One at a