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Special Payment Page
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Karl Brumbeloe
S&W belt holster and dual ammo mag.
219.00  +  20.00 S&H  TOTAL: $239.00
Reflects 10% military discount
1ST PAYMENT                2ND PAYMENT
$100.00                                $135.20

Charles Biddix
OWB Black holster

Jamie Oxendine
Custom ammo pouch
Plain                Tooled
$145.00           $225.00

Leather scabbard
$149.00 + 20.00 SYH

Mike Latona
Tooled to match holster
for desert Eagle
Scott Kimball
2 rifle slings padded, lined
1st sling: $299.00
2nd sling -10%-$269.00
s&h=  $20.00
TOTAL:  $588.00

Thomas Lisle
Custom ammo belt and holster for
Ruger Super Blackhawk
$475.00 + 20.00 S&H

RHINO Sling & butt cover

Rick Juetten
2 custom shoulder rig
$578.00 + 20.00 s&h
Robert Nordquist
Dual Lone Ranger with additional
crossdraw holster

Under 48"            Over 48"
$1299.00              $1349.00

Thomas Lisle
Custom ammo belt and holster for
Ruger Super Blackhawk
$475.00 + 20.00 S&H

Greg Ravenscoft
Complete Belt,holster cap pouch &
dual speed loaders
Unlined            Suede Lined
$399.00               $439.00

Jim Cowgill
Custom laser logo

Jim Cowgill
Custom Bandolier
18 rounds / 2 speedloaders on bandolier
Ox-Blood color
2 Additional loaders=$128.00
Total:  $613.00
Military Discount 10%
Balance Due $551.70 = $25.00 S&H
E Kurtz
Custom Dual shoulder holster with
2 -SPS Pantera .45 , 5 inch for L&R side
with dual ammo mag
Special Design
$649.00 + $21.00 S&H
TOTAL:  $670.00

Mr. Hardy
Custom S&W Governor
Drop Down Holster
$195.00 + 20.00 S&H

Merrill Home
Custom Bart Rifle sling
dolphin, ammo loops,
initials etc.
Without swivels                 With Swivels
$325.00        $345.00

Rick Juetten
Additional work to both rigs
1: Lining of both: 60.00
2: Texas Star retaining snaps:  14.00
3: Double brown center leather
with Eagle & Flag 60.00
4: 2 - dual mag holders: 170.00
Cost per rig = $152.00
TOTAL:  $304.00

Andy Kellner
Marine Rifle Scabbard

Atlee  Parr
Additional tooling Floral A
and Knife & sheath on Mares
leg front chest strap

Royce Hendrix
Custom Raging Judge drop
down holster
Holster only    Holster & Belt
$249.00            $299.00

Joe Crinin
C96 Bardolier rig

Rick  Juetten
Glock 27 Dual ammo mag
shoulder holster rig

Greg Ravenscoft
Knife sheath to be added to
existing order for 1858 rig

Jim Cowgill
Custom knife sheath
for back top bandolier
Rodney Elwell
S&W 686 3"  OWB holster
$149.00 + 20.00 S&H

Matt Fredrick
Custom 3 ammo belt
$289.00 + 20.00 S&H

Louis Shanks
Custom Quiver
I will get specs Details after payment is received
$469.00 + 30.00 S&H
$499.00 total
Waist band holster
$149.00 + PA tax $8.94
Free S&H
TOTAL: $157.94
Greg   Ravenscroft
A-4 horizontal side draw holster for
1858 pistol
No S&H if shipped with previous order
Harry Crosswell
Range Belt
Double leather  2" wide
WQestern design in brown thread
and Ranger Belt 2" wide - $199.00
TOTAL: 199.00 S&H $10.00
Previous work on holsters:  $60.00