rifle scabbards, shotgun scabbards
leather Quivers, Padded rifle slings,
shotgun slings AR-15 and AK-47
scabbards and slings made to your
Unique Rifle Sling maker
Rifle Sling Leather Makers
Custom Gun Leather Makers
leather rifle slings;leather rifle scabbards, leather quivers. Leather Hunting slings, leather rifle and shot gun slings, scabbards and quivers.leather Hunting
Rifle Slings.  Leather Hunting slings, Custom Rifle Slings, Hunting Slings with ammo loops, cartrifge loops and shell loops.  Custom leather slings. Henry
Repeating Rifle scabbards and rifle slings are custom made one at a time.  Both the Henry Repeating Rifle and Rossi
can have all leather scabbards and rifle slings.  Henry repeating rifle scabbards as well as the Henry Repeating Mares Led Pistol now come with all leather
scabbards and quivers.
Custom tooling available for all Henry Repeating items as well as the Henry Mares Leg scabbards. Rifle Slings are custom made and fully adjustable. If you
have other pistols or rifles other than the Henry Repeating Rifle or the Henry Mares Leg Pistil we custom make those scabbards and quivers also. Henry's
Reteating Mares Leg Scabbard are unique to Frontier and floral tooling is available also. Rifle quivers can also be made for small rifles like the Crickett .22.  
Henry Rifle .22, 38, and .45 Calicer scabbards and quivers are made in American. Rifle scabbards and rifle / shotgun slings can be designed with extra ammo
pockets and knife attachments.
Mares Leg Western Pistol Scabbard
For Henry, Rossi or Chiappa

Hand made

Suede Lined

Hand Tooled
in the

Double Flap
Double Eagle

Design it
your way
To the right is a sample of the Custom
heirloom leather patch we place in our
Mares Leg Scabbards...a Great Thought
when these scabbards are handed down from
generations to generations...
an awesome gift to a loved one!!!
Custom Initial / NAMED
Leather Rifle Slings
Custom Initial
Not padded.
The Shaffer's Custom Made Ammo Hunting Rifle Slings
Quality Workmanship
"The Lost Art"
Suede lined and Padded
Model A
Rifle Fringe Quivers
for the 30 1/2" Crickett
Model A
For rifles 44" and less
use this Paypal Tabs
The Eric Johnson
Henry Repeating Rifle Scabbard with Knife
Suede Lined
Genuine leather
Rifle Quiver Scabbard

Hand made
$775.00 +S&H

The "Storie"
Henry Repeating Rifle Quiver
Pull the pouch flap and up pops the box

Soft and very flexible leather makes
wearing this Rifle Quiver a dream.

Fully adjustable straps allow the wearer to
adjust this rig to the exact position
you like

Grab & Run
Cartridge Rifle Sling
The Grab and Run
Padded Rifle Sling with 1 Can Pouch and
one client supplied knife or order one of
our knives.
The Kust Edwards
Custom Fringe Quiver
Soft, All American leathers
Made to fit any weapon
RS-30/30 Rifle Sling

Genuine Suede
Lined and

and any of 45
Stamp Images

Can be made
for any Caliber
Any of 22 Color

The Loffert Hunting Rifle Sling           
Suede Lined & Padded

Any Caliber Ammo Cartridge loops
22 free colors
The  "Chad Harris"
Leather Rifle Sling
Suede lined &
You select the
images, tooling
and Color.
Hand made in the
The Frontier Cowboy Henry Rifle Scabbard
The Simoneau Rifle Sling

This Padded Sling can be made for any Rifle or Shotgun...
Made to fit the Standard Swivel units on your weapon.

If your swivel units are larger than 1"
Let us know and we'll fit the sling to your swivels.

Send us your knife or order one of ours.
22 Colors Available
The Slawson Rifle Sling

Custom Leather Rifle
Sling...Padded and
Suede lined

Hand Tooled
The Sean Ely
Custom Ammo Cartridge Rifle Sling

Padded and Suede lined
Like all our Rifle slings.....22 different colors
You customize it.
The Miller Ruger Leather Rifle Sling
Padded and
Suede Lined
Cartridge Rifle
Richard Anderson
Custom 2-Part Scabbard

Completely Hand Made
Genuine Suede Lining    Oak Leaf Hand Tooling
Custom Colored
Adjusts open and closed to fit a variety of Rifles
Rugged American Leathers
$925.00  + S&H
Rifle Sling

Simple, Unlined Rifle or Shotgun Sling
Silver or Gold Hardware / No Padded or lining
The Kevin Tompkins
Custom Rifle Scabbard for scope
Different colors
to select from

Hand stitched edging

Hand Made in the United States of America
By Americans!!!
Suede Lined with Your Coin on the Flap

For rifles 44" long or less
$695.00 + S&H

For rifles 45" long or longer
$799.00  + S&H
Kevin had his
NRA Coin Imbedded
on the Flap
The Caldwell Simple Rifle Sling  - Showing just 2 examples here
The Adam Patrick
Custom Rifle Sling with Ammo Shell Loops
This beautiful custom
made Rifle/Shotgun
Sling is both padded
and genuine suede
lined for greater

Add your own
wording on the patch
and select from 22

45 stamp images
to select from
Like all  slings we make this sling can be
made for any size ammo you desire
We suggest lowering the knife on the sling
The RS-100 Rifle Sling
Model B
Plain Rifle Quivers
for the 30 1/2" Crickett

Model "B"

We will
work with you
to design a
you will be
proud to wear
for many
years to
Hand made in

We suggest the knife blade be not more than 4-5 inches long and to
be placed down on the sling and not at the top for more comfort.
The Frontier Adjustable Custom Leather Rifle Slings
Like all Frontier Slings, this one comes in any size to fit
any weapon.
We offer 22 Different colors     Padded and suede lined
Add your image and name...or company name.
The Benny Fain Rifle Cartridge Sling
Can be made for any caliber ammo
Suede lined and padded
Now let's take a look at our
Scabbards and Quivers
Black Powder Adjustable Sliding Rifle Sling
Fully Adjustable, Hand made
Sliding Black Powder Rifle Sling
22 free colors to select from
The Jason Curtiss Flexible Rifle Scabbard Now in 3 colors
Fits Rifles and Shotguns up to 42 inches (or longer if needed)
Non scope version...Can be made for scoped rifle at small additional cost
This custom made flexible Rifle Scabbard can be made to fit any
rifle or shotgun. The scabbard shown here was made for the
Henry Big Boy Rifle and the attached shoulder sling .
Comes with a suede lined
leather shoulder pad
Fully adjustable strap
Adjustable Straps
1/8" Gusset and double sewn
Free Initial Patch
2 Reinforced 8-9 oz.
leather patches
secures the
shoulder straps.

Silver or Gold

Smooth finish
Very Soft Interior
Brown Only


Folds in halt for storage

Colors now available
shown to the Left

The "Dan Doty"
Rossi Mares Leg Quiver
Suece Lined
Fits any Mares
Leg Pistol/Rifle
22 Free Colors   Left or Right Handed
The Kaci Callahan Custom Rifle Sling
Suede Lined
Custom Laser
The Gerald Seymour
Custom Adjustable Leather Rifle Sling
Full Suede lined and
Padded for greater comfort.

All American

Free initials
Free Stamp Images

Hand Tooled Logo

If laser work for the logo is
required there is a $45.00
additional fee.

Complete tooled:

This simple sling
will fit the standard
1-1 1/ 4swivels on
your rifle or

Initials and 1-2

Not suede lined
sling was a gift
to Ken Labarge
in Canada
This sling like all others
can be designed the
way you like it.
And Lynn will help you
all the way thru the
This is the Schaffer Sling...it can be
modified if you like...and any caliber
This is an example of a modified Schaffer Rifle
Sling...the pouch replaces the ammo loops
The Jason Smith Leather Rifle Sling
Shown here in Black...comes in 22 different colors
This sling is fully
adjustable at both ends.
Padded and Suede lined
Initials and stamp Image
are included.
The Lawrence Lynn
One Super Rugged Padded Rifle Hunting Sling
Plain with edge tooling only       No Initials / No Images
3/8 " Padding + 3/16" thick leathers
Custom Cross Bow Leather Slings

These unlined
slings are best
without the knife
as part of the
lettering only

Call Lynn if you
have questions:

Padded and
Lined slings
A Great Gift for
your Son or
Christmas is just around the corner
Genuine Herman Oak Leather
Thick Genuine Suede Lined
Made to Fit Your Weapon
22 Different Colors
Hand Made in Pennsylvania  USA
The Ray Sampson
Custom Hand Made Basket Weave Leather Rifle Sling
Basket Weave Rifle Sling
Can be made for 1" & 1 1/4"
rifle swivel openings
Brown as shown on these photos
Below is a modified scabbard of the one above but in Black

This scabbard is designed
to hold Rifles or Shotguns
with 50" Overall length

Comes in the 3 colors shown above
This scabbard was design for
Jw Williams
and the
Benelli 12 Gauge Shotgun
Comes with free
initials on a special
leather patch if
you so desire.
Hand Made in
The Karl Kebler Henry Big Boy
Custom Rifle Scabbard

This Scabbard can be made for any rifle or
shotgun.  It comes in the 3 leather colors
shown in the
Jason Curtiss Scabbard
just above.   

The Karl Kebler scabbard is
exactly like the Curtiss & Williams
Scabbards but with light modifications.
The Will Geissler Leather Rifle Sling
Suede Lined
Hand Tooled
You may add your name to this sling

Made to fit your weapon

Change the image if you like
22 Different colors available
Mike Singletary Proudly Escorts his Rifle and new cartridge sling to the Range
Mike opens up the 45/70 Rifle
with the New RS-30/30 style rifle sling
But modified for his 45/70 ammo
instead of the 30/30 rounds.
You can see the RS- 30/30 sling at the top of
this page...22 different colors are available
The Jenna Helman
Custom Leather Rifle Sling
Like all our products...Top Grade
American leathers
Suede lined and padded

Add your
and add
some of the
45 free stamp

Comes with 2
different sling

A great
or Birthday

Scabbards, Slings & Quivers for
Rifle and Shotguns, Crossbows
Padded Rifle, Shotgun, Assault Rifle Slings
AR-15 & AK-47's Leather Slings
all made to order
Custom Leather Rifle Slings for your Henry, Rossi or Chiappa  Legs

Suede Lined



Padded Sling,
Butt and Lever
Shown here is a sample a modified sling
with adjustable straps at both ends.
Comes with 2 sets of end straps.
Sling Style
Sling Style
Sling Style
The SEAMAN Custom Rifle Sling
Custom Color

Padded and
Suede Lined

Fits any rifle or
shotgun 22
different colors

Comes with
2 sets of end
straps to fit
either 1" or
1 1/4"

Add your
own name
We suggest the single Patch as
shown in these 2 photos or the
Loffert Rifle Sling below
The Rodriquez Adjustable Rifle sling with Cartridge Loops
Suede Lined and Padded
Made for both Shotgun or Rifle
Custom Laser Image
Free Lettering and Stamp images
27 Different colors
With custom laser image

With out the laser work
The Jim Spradlin Dual Ammo Leather Hunting Rifle Sling
This beautiful
padded and suede
lined rifle sling will fit
most every rifle or
shotgun you own.

Select 2 different
ammo caliber sizes.

27 different colors

initials can be added
This set can be modified to your needs.

Padded and Suede lined sling; The pouch
will hold 1 Altoid Can (not supplied)
The Ammo loops can be made to fit any
caliber ammo.  Your knife or ours must
not be more than 7" total length..  27
different colors,

Lettering & stamp images are included.  
Fits any rifle or shotgun.

Sling only
The Michael Tur Fringe Quiver for longer rifles like the Henry Big Boy
Genuine Suede Lined

Fits standard rifles
without scopes
ML-1    Leatherette
ML-2    Leather


simple Mares
Leg Scabbards
are made as
shown hete.

If handles are
there is an

Call before
ordering if
handles are
For rifles 44" or more
use this Paypal Tabs
The Leslie Schmidt
Custom Rifle Scabbard
LA Schmidt
Custom Folding
Hand made
Doubled leather
Carry Strap

Fits standard  1- 1 1/4"
Swivel openings
or can be modified
to fit your weapon
Like all Frontier Slings, this one comes in any size to fit any
We offer 22 Different colors     Padded and suede lined
Add your image and name...or company name.
Sling Style

Fits standard  1- 1 1/4"
Swivel openings
or can be modified
to fit your weapon
The Wellman Sling
Add your initials
to your Rifle Scabbard
Custom Leather Rifle
Slings are made to
your specifications.

Have an idea...give
us a call
Custom AR-15 & AK-47 Rifle Slings
We custom make
leather slings for your
and your
Prices vary depending on
the work required.

Any sling on this site can
be made for your weapons.

Info.  Call
Soft and
comfortable leather
The Single patch shown here with the horse
head and lettering works best on our Rifle
Slings.  It's simple yet clean looking.

The shape & size can be altered
to fit your information.
Tactical Scabbard
is 29" long
We will custom
make your
Scabbard to fit your
No Lining

Thgis tactical scabbard is made of 100: Genuine American Leathers.
Can be ordered in over 25 colors / Free Name and Free tooled Stamped Images
Rugged / comes wool or suede lined or plain if desired
Hand Made in Pennsylvania, USA
Brand New:  Frontier Leather Works Tactical Scabbard
Tactical Scabbard
is 29" long
make your
Scabbard to fit your

This custom tactical Scabbard can be made with a
maximum of 3 pockets or pouches due to size.   

The number of pouches is determined by what items you
want the pouches to contain.

If you add a pistol pouch you may only
have room for 2 pouches
If you don't want a pistol pouch, you may add
a knife and 2 pouches for ammo or medical kit.

We will help you determine the space available
when you call
Direct to Leather craftsman:  Lynn Tompkins
brown and black only.  All other scabbards are made of a leather that is stiffer,
and cannot be folded, but can be ordered in over 25 different colors.
Lined or unlined
These scabbards can also be made as heirlooms to be
handed hand for years...ask us about leather heirloom patches

Made to last
a lifetime or two!
Order One or All Threee
This photo shows 3 different items may be purchased together as a
single unit, or individually.  ALL ARE GENUINE SUEDE LINED.
We will fit the items above to your weapons..
You pick the colors.
Any gauge / 12 -18 rounds on sling - Max 6 on butt cover & holster.
Butt cover back plate not included
Any gauge
Holster ONLY
Any gauge
Complete 3
piece Set
Any gauge
Sling & Butt
end Only
Any gauge
The SOSA Set
Custom Handcrafted Silver Lettered Rifle Slings with knife
These beautiful handcrafted slings can be
custom lettered for any rifle or shotgun.
You may select from a wide rage of animal
photos....See our
Floral designs
Shotgun Quiver and Shotgun Covers
Complete Scabbard and shotgun covers
Scabbard Only
Shotgun Only
This combination Scabbard and Shotgun or Rifle Scabbard
is made of Genuine Antique Brown & Black Water Baffalo.
Detachable flap / Comes with Leg Straps and either suede or
smooth lining.  
Completely hand crafted
Do Not order the shotgun covers unless you can
bring the rifle or shotgun to the shop.  However, we
can make the scabbard without the shotgun or rifle.
This Scabbard can be designed to be
worn on the left or right hip.  Comes
with adjustable wide leg tie downs
(shown here)
Wider belts available.
You ask Do we made items for Shotguns?
Here are a few samples
We must have the
weapon in order to make
quality leather products
such as these...

These are all hand crafted
to fit the weapon

Belt Loop
with Leg Strap

Hand crafted
in Strasburg, PA
The Ed Stokes Genuine Water Buffalo Scabbard

This beautiful Antique Brown Water Buffalo Rifle Scabbard
is completely hand crafted from start to finish
and has a thick genuine suede lining.
Non-scope scabbard

for any rifle

call for

Ask for
Custom leather rifle slings and handmade rifle scabbards and quivers. Leather rifle slings, gun leather rifle scabbards made to order.
30/30 Rifle slings, AR-15 and AK-47 rifle slings and scabbards.

ALL LEATHER RIFLE SLINGS AND SCABBARDS .  Leather Arrow quivers.  Leather  and suede rifle slings
Padded and Unpadded Rifle Slings are made to order.
Every items you see here can be modified to fit your needs.
QUESTIONS: 267-664-0485 (Your leather craftsman-Sir Lynn)
The Len Kasper Custom Eagle-Floral Rifle Sling

Genuine Suede
Lined and Padded
Handmade one at a time
Made to fit any weapon
Many designs available
Call Lynn
The Whitt's End
RattleSnake Rifle Sling
In honor of my Uncle Chris who taught me how to snake hunt
Questions:   Sir Lynn: 267-664-0485
Sling & Cup holder
Quality doesn't cost
Send us your knife
of select one of ours
Here David Neff Holds His New Rattlesnake Sling and Cup holder
Genuine Rattle Snake
Sling Only
Thick Suede Lined
The Justin Hanrahan Rifle Sling
Top Grade Leathers
Padded and Suede lined
Made for any Rifle/Caliber
The Sling shown here was
designed specifically for the

Henry AXE

The Bobby Trejo
Custom Water Buffalo Rifle Sling and Loose Ammo Pouch
Knife not included so send us your knife---Max blade 5 inches -
Or Purchase one of Our Knives

Sling Only

Pouch Only

Both Sling &
Both the Rifle Sling and Ammo Pouch are Genuine
Suede Lined.  The Sling is also padded.
FREE Initials or Stamped Images
Frontier's Dual Use Extended Ammo Pouch with adjustable straps
This all leather
Ammo Carry
is handmade and comes
with fully adjustable straps
that hook-up and unhook
quickly.  Made to fit you!
Pouch comes off and can be worn
on any standard waist belt.

22 different colors
Lay your Mares Leg
on a piece of paper and
trace is as close to the
stock as possible.
Step 1 done!
How to take measurements for the
Butt End Covers in
3 easy steps
Wrap the paper or
leather  butt cover
around the butt end and
cut it so both ends touch.
See the blue dotted line...
Trim both ends so they
just touch each other.
Step 2 done
Step 3 and you are done
Take the 3 measurements as shown below.
Send me the actual paper drawing etc...No faxing
Now send everything back to
Frontier Leather Works
835 Stively Road
Strasburg, PA
Questions:  Call Lynn     267-664-0485
The total measurement
around the butt end is
11 inches
The total measurement around
the front end is
8 3/4 inches
The total width of the cover is 5 inches
Be sure to figure in how many rounds are
to be placed on this 5 inches.
John Henderson with his new
Rifle Sling, Custom Chest Holster Rig and Ammo Belt
You may order this entire Outfit by going to
the Shoulder Rig Page and scroll down to
the Chest Holster Section...
Click the pistol below


Only 3 left