Books by:  L.B.Tompkins

Where is God
in all my pain & suffering?
47+ Pages Plus others

Why do people have to suffer?
The day it all went wrong!
Who needs friends like you?
The Day You Hit Rock Bottom.
A Bad Solution Presented Well.
What Part Does God Play in My Pain?
Five Truths about God you must know!
Learning to Trust the God who cares.
Who is God and How Can I Know Him?

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Learn to share your faith
right from the start
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The Propensity
Toward Evil
150 Packed pages
plus others
What is Evil and Where does it come from?
How Can a Holy God Permit Evil?
The Many Forms of Evil.
Does God Have a Plan & Purpose for Evil?
That's Just the Way We Are Bent.
Dealing with Evil on a Personal basis.
Will Evil be Present in Heaven?
The Intensity of Evil in Hell
The Day God Removes all Evil
A World without Evil, O Glorious Day

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Does God have any immediate hand in the
control of our world?  Who is in control?
If God why evil?  If Satan is there any hope?
A world-wide scene on confusion exist-Why?
Corruption, unrest and war is everywhere!
The "church" has failed, Why?  How?
Can't God do something or is He Impotent?
Who is in control of our world?

Pastor Tompkins draws from 49 years experience
in the ministry to help you understand what is going
on in this crazy messed up world we find ourselves in.

Pastor, Bible Teacher, High School Teacher
Former Radio Announcer, Guest Speaker & Lecturer, Author
and Leather Craftsman, Mr. Tompkins provides practical,
down to earth understanding of our everyday problems,
and how to face them with confidence.
Soli Deo Gloria
Romans 11:36
To God Be The Glory
The Design of the Father in Salvation.   The Design of Christ in saving the lost.    The total and complete depravity of fallen man.
The work of the Holy Spirit is bringing the New Birth.    Man's works invalid for salvation.
Heaven & Hell are real places.      Salvation is found in Christ alone.    Christ Jesus is Coming Again.
Lessons for Saint & Sinners
12 Practical lessons about life under the sun
A Teaching Series           Coming in 2019
Spiral Binder
The Father's
Redemptive Plan
Words: Meanings & Consequences
Proper Biblical Hermeneutics
Brief History of the Bible
The Sovereignty of God
The Great Controversy
The Reformation Period
The Eternal Decrees of God
Biblical Word Meanings
The Father's Eternal Blueprint
The Covenant of Grace
Understanding the New Birth
Man's Free Will
God's Effectual Call of the Elect
On Justification
Of Saving Grace
The Redemption of a Soul:
20 Questions & Answers
Why Evangelize?
Recommended Books, Videos, Web sites
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Spiral  Binder
150+ Packed Pages
Spiral Binder
All Three Spiral Binders
Questions Addressed in
these books include:
"Does God really have a purpose
for my being here?"  
"Why am I suffering such pain & sorrow?"
"Where did evil come from?"
"Is there a God that can
help me through my problems?"
"Is it possible to know God"?"
"Where do I fit into His Plan?"
"Why has God permitted evil?"
"Does God care about me?"
"What is man's Chief End?"
"Are heaven & hell real places"?
and more.

What happens if I die in my sin?
Have I sinned too much to be forgiven?
1 Free Biblical Chart
is in each spiral book
When you order any one of these book you will receive the following materials:

Additional works in each Spiral Bound book include:
The Wills of God
The Elect of God - Who are they?
Comparisons of the Physical & Spiritual Births
About the Author
Bible Reference Chart (Inside Back Flap)

Note:  All 3 books can be 3-hole punched for your 3-ring binder if you wish
1 Free Biblical Chart
is in each spiral book
1 Free Biblical Chart
is in each spiral book
1 Free Biblical Chart
is in each book
A Great set of teaching tools
for your Sunday School
Class or Pulpit Preaching

These biblical based works
are designed to instruct
and teach the
Great Doctrines
of the Faith
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The Propensity
Toward Evil
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The Father's
Redemptive Plan
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All works to the left
are in all 3 books
The Unknown God
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This New Book  (Available in June 2019)
is part of a series presently being taught by author L.B.Tompkins during lectures in Strasburg, Pennsylvania
which began on April 24, 2019
Sample Page
A. They will come to pass (See Romans 8:28-29)
B. How can all things work together?  Plan A
 1.What happens in the decree are the small  providences (details) that will cause it to happen for our good.
 2.It happens because it was in PLAN A to happen
 3.This subject infuriates Fallen Sinners & their PRIDE

YOU ASK: Where is man’s responsibility?  Why bother if everything is foreordained?
    -Because God has designed the very MEANS to fulfill His decrees

EXAMPLE:  How are men saved? By sinful men preaching the Word of God; the Word of Truth!
How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and
how shall they hear without a preacher?                                                                                                                  Romans 10:14

(2) God’s decrees does not take away our incentive for life and thought, it  provides the basis for those
    thing to happen.
 -EVERY DETAIL of your life fits into PLAN A perfectly-EVERY ACTION of Every person is decreed to fit PLAN A

   And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple, verily
   I say unto you,  he shall in no wise lose his reward.   
                                                                                        Matthew 10:42

That is:  Both the decree and the mean to accomplish that decrees are complete in themselves
  For of a truth against thy holy child Jesus, whom thou hast anointed, both Herod, and Pontius Pilate, with the
Gentiles, and the people of Israel, were gathered together  For to do whatsoever thy hand and thy counsel
determined before to be done
.                                                                                             Acts 4:27-28
1 Free Biblical Chart
is in each spiral book
Spiral  Binder
125+ Packed Pages
plus others
125+ Packed
plus others