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America's Best Glock Gun Leather
Glock Custom gun leather holsters for every Glock you own.
This is the New G-2 Glock Duty Special
G-2  Glock
G-2 Glock

Lined Suede

We can make any Holster you'd like
Frontier Leather Works
Custom Leather Designers

This Pilots Rig
will fit most
Glock Pistols
Glock  G-4
Double Clip Holder
Solid Leather for long usage
Can be made to wear in
Horizontal or Vertical
Position on your belt
Any Color you want
Suede Lined to protect your clips
Frontier's G-3 Silver Black State Rigs
Custom Glock Thumb Break Leather Shoulder Rig
We can modify this rig to conform to
your specifications...just give Lynn a
Our Rigs can be made for any weapon...Right or Left handed
Frontier hand makes every item by hand and is USA made
Top Grade Leathers
Hand Made in Pennsylvania
Suede Lined and Rugged
Very Comfortable
Fully Adjustable
Add your state or select any other
image or initials for your rig.
Thumb break or standard strap...
See G-4 picture below
This is the Jennifer Fair Custom JF1 Hand Made Floral Glock Holster
Glock 27 Custom Flower Holster
Frontier can add your state to your rig if you'd like.

You may order just the
with your State tooled
into the leather.

Any Concho you'd like
We can make this floral design for any
holster and weapon you own.
The "Mark Gonzales" Dual Glock Sub 30 Rig
This Unique Dual Back Rig
Can be made for your weapon...
Glock or Otherwise.

All suede lined except the belt.

Outlined with matching Red Threads
compliment the Red Lettyering.

Your name can be placed on the rig

You may also replace the laser
images seen here with another laser
image or custom tooling seen on our

As seen here
Glock Duty Conceal Carry Belt Holsters
Glock 5
Suede Lined
Comes with or without retaining strap
22 Different colors
Left or Right Handed
Glock Handmade leather holsters
Suede lined to
protect the finish
on your weapon.
Left or right
22 different colors
Free Initials &
45 free stamp
$175.00 + S&H
The Connor Gerhart Dual Shoulder Rig  Glock 17 with Inforce light  APL
Built to the clients

See here the
extreme angle of
the holster
Glock Gen. 40 Holsters of all kinds
Shoulder holsters; Thumb Break; Regular left and right handed

Suede Lined
Left or Right Handed
You pick the style
25+ colors
Free Initials
Free Stamped Images

Matching Holster and Belt
in Antique Brown Water
Buffalo as seen here

Shoulder holsters, Rifle Sling
and Scabbards,
Paddle Holsters
also made...details call
See more Water Buffalo click
the picture to the right.
The Steven Small Series
Don't get confused...Called me so I can help you find what you're looking for.
Your Leather craftsman:  Lynn 267-664-0485
email me at:
Three Piece
Matching Set

Made left or right

Free initials
on sling
and holster