leather holsters and
holster rigs. western
holsters can be
yours, custom
shoulder holsters,
cross draw holsters,
leather shoulder
holsters and leather
cross draw holsters,
holster rigs made to
order.  See your
custom leather
holster here

So you want to see your custom holster do you!
Frontier Leather Works
is honored and proud this week to present the following
Brand New Leather Products to our Newest Clients

Thank you for allowing us the privilege!
Here's What You've Been Waiting For My Friend...
Richard Stewart's Shoulder Rig
David Kessler....Cumming GA
Holster and Ammo Pouch for the Judge
Jay Love...Here we go...it's time to Dye this awesome rig!
What a pleasure making you this custom R-14 Judge Rig

Hello My friend,

Here's what you
have to look
forward to when
you return home.
I'm Working on your
Gatling Belt too
Variety of
Shoulder rigs
made for
both private
and military
the picture to
the left to view
a wide range
of holsters and

We custom
to your
Hello Robert Thackston
Los Angeles, CA
Check out you holster set

Rushville, NY

Custom Pilot
Shoulder Rig
Hello Janet Wooster
Beaufort, SC
Check out your new
Judge  Companions
Shipping  UPS Monday 29th
You are a Winner!
From time to time we throw the
names of our clients in a hat for a
from Frontier...You win a free R-11
Congratulations Janet!
Holster Straps swivel to fit the body at any
angle.   Waist Strap.  Slides into metal
loop on the rear of holster...
Belt loop also included
Thanks Bill for the privilege of
custom making this
awesome rig for you
This is the New Jay Love Buffalo Rig...Enjoy my friend!  Shipping Tuesday am
Hello Al Troianello...Montrose, PA
Check out your Shoulder Holster Rig

Shoulder Straps
Not Shown Here
United States Air Force
Serving our Country in Afghanistan
The Snap for the holster is The
Star Snap...a Match to all the
other conchos on your
rig...check it out!
Suede Lined Judge R-8 Rig
Quality Leather..custom made
for a Great American Soldier!

We're all proud of you Aaron!
Will present
you with this
Judge Rig as
soon as you
arrive HOME!
Hello Tom Wergen...Goodyear AZ

Thanks Tom...
for the privilage of
custom making you this
beautiful Crossdraw
Judge Rig...

Enjoy my friend!
Scott Semlinger
Lufkin, TX
Paul  Flahive
Peterborough, NH
Michael Missert...Woodridge, IL
Combination R-8 Rig
Custom made for the Judge and Ruger Bisley 5 1/2"
Hello David Huey...Loveland, Ohio
Above is the
Straight & CrossDraw
with Matching Belt

Left & Right
Paddle Holster
Brad Hines from Benton, AR
Hello Walter Crayne
Pasco, WA
Hello Bruce DeLucia
Cranston, RI
Hello William Winkle
Paris, TX
Benton, AR
Jim Harper
Birmingham, Michigan
Mike Champagne
Progression of your Fisher rig
Coming together as you see this.

Pictures taken inside at night so colors are not true to actual color
Toll Free
Burnis Eades
Pebble, OH
Ryan Bennett
for his Father-in-Law
Mike Steinbaugh
Dayton, OH
John Waldo from Oklahoma City, OK
Leonard DeBerry
Jamestown, OH

James Triplett
Gahanno, OH
John Steeber
Palatine, IL
Kim Strniste
Southwest Ranches, FL
below to see more
Stewart Ragan
Kihei, HI

Custom R-14 Judge Rig
Removable Holster
Can be worn on any other belt.

Quality Leather and Hardware
Dan Shirey
Anchorage, Alaska

Custom 5 Round R-15
Randy Wiseman
Haskell, Texas
Custom Designed Tilting R-16 Shoulder Rig
Holster can be tilted forward and
backwards as desired.
Chicago Screws secure the holster
Ed Redman
Los Alamos, NM
John Judge
Middle Grove, NY
Fantasy Trucking, Aurora, CO
Bobby Branum
Germantown, TN
Curtis Wright
Jackson, MISS
The rig above is designed to hold the
It is shown here with the Taurus NRA Revolver
(Just for photo purposes only)
Jesse Ternus
Ramsey, MN
Custom Leatherman Belt Loop Carrier
Frank Johnson
Espanola, NM
Grizzly Rig
Corbet Gomoke
Frisco, Texas
Custom Modified R-14
Belt, Holster and Knife Sheath
All Genuine Suede Lined
Custom Antique Texas Stars and
Walking Liberty Coin in the Ammo Strap
The Rig shown here
before the High Gloss is added
Suede Lined
Double Pocketed
Belt Loop Design

John Winn
Progress Repost
Henry Schrimper
Winchester, OH
John Winn
Your Boss's New Rig & Your R-46A
What A Ride
Wayne Conners
Frederick, MD
Custom Grizzly Shoulder Rig

John Burns
R-11D Judge
Ammo Slide
Mike Martin
Glock 30 Flap Over Holster
Judge holster
S&W 1911 holster
Shown here with attachment wings
to attach to the existing Shoulder Straps
Actual color is darker
One Shoulder Rig
Two Different Holsters

Mike Andrews
Judge R-11-AW 10 Round Pocket Ammo Pouch
Lisa Bartausky
Vancouver, WA
Custom R-16 for her Glock 27
The Picture below
best shows the actual color
of your rig
Scott Baumer
Kettering, OH
R-46 Concealed holster for
Judge Public Defender with
Judge Speed Loader
Dean Kapper
Ramsey, MN
Larry Nelson
Almena, KS
The Daniel Smith Ruger Single 6
Custom  .32 Caliber Shoulder Holster with 4 5/8 Barrel

Hand Sewn with a special Threads
for the Frontier Look

The finish is
Pure Neatsfoot Oil to produce
the older look and feel
Click on
tab for
or just
click on
We can make this system for any
weapon...This also fits the
Uberti .45 5 1/2 Barrel

for this


Made to look older western like
with natural blemishes retained

You Can be the Proud
Owner of this Type if
Order Today
Don Spangler
Western Rig Coins
This rig was made for the Taurus Judge but can be also made for any pistol
Above see the 1860 Army and Uberti .45
Shown here with Silver Dollar Conchos
and Antique Texas Star Snap
Doug Menken R-75B
Jeff Holmes
Ruger GP100 Holster
Tommy Harris
G-2 Glock 30 holster
Art Stoddard
Naples Florida
Sig P-238 holster

Mellina Owens...Virginia Beach, VA
Custom Clip-On R-4
Bob Luedder
Forth Worth, Texas
R-56 Custom Judge
Defender Holster
Gary Dantis
Rincon, GA
Paul Deville
Ville Platte, LA