Of the eight children of mine, and two of Sandy's ...four (4) served our Great Nation in the Military.  Three (3) were Marines
and One (1) Served on a Sub.
My one son,  Marine Sgt Michael J. Tompkins died in 2001.
My youngest son,
Marine Sgt.  Jonathan E. Tompkins was blown to bits by a Sniper in Iraq...
Yet John made it thanks to our dedicated Navy Medic's on the battlefield and The Bethesda Naval Hospital Staff in
Bethesda, Maryland.
To My Children and Your children who Offer their Lives
In Defense of Our FREEDOM....
We Dedicate this Page
Don't Try Telling Our Military that Freedom is Free!
"Out Out Sweet Candle"
Oh dear Michael...
How we love and miss you son
Sgt. Michael and Sgt. John Tompkins
U. S. Marines and Proud of It!
May God Protect
and Bless
All Who Serve and
and Her
freedom-loving people
It's Interesting that our children are the ones defending us...18 and 19 year old boys
and girls willingly placing themselves between us and those who would kill us in a heartbeat.
Just Kids...your children and my children...Oh how we need to love and support these young people.
Sandy and I just think our American soldiers are the best of the best!         
Lets be there for them!
Follow me if I Advance
Kill me if I Retreat
Avenge me if I am Killed