We are Custom Gun Leasther Makers

Below are a few samples of conceal carry holsters we have made
Some jackets have been removed to reveal the conceal carry shoulder & belt holsters
Why not come out and watch your conceal carry being made right before your eyes?
CCW.Custom Gun Leather for every small weapon pistol or automatic weapons you own. Box
Holsters.Conceal carry holsters, concealed carry holster are hand made gun leather holsters. Hand made,
custom made box holsters come in a wide variety from small to large. Conceal carry permits.  Custom Box
Holster for every small weapon, auto or revolver.
Frontier Leather Works
can make these conceal carry holsters for most small handguns.

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Frontier Leather Works
is proud to reveal its new Quality Leather

Wear it on your belt and the
general public will never know.
The North American Guardian .380 Conceal
Carry  Holster
Shown here with the Sig Sauer P-239
Concealed Shoulder
This Incredible Concealed Shoulder Gun leather Conceal Holster
comfortable conceals your favorite  weapon from the publics eye.
Made of durable tooled leather and genuine suede lined,
heavy duty snaps and adjustable straps.
Available in any color you see on our site
Hand Sewn with
Tennessee Flap
Heavy Duty Snaps

Easy to retrieve
Quick Draw

Here's some samples of The R-19 Conceal Holster
Available for most small handguns
holster to fit most
small handguns


Belt loop or Clip-On

Suede Lined

Call 267-664-0485
R-25 Combination Conceal Holster / Utility Pouch  in any color you want
Great For Small Hand Guns
Concealed Weapon Pouch
Suede  Lining Suggested for your concealed pistol
Sample of Custom Tooling / Lettering
Lettering shown here was Lasered In
Pouch is
Hand Cut
Hand Sewn
Hand Tooled
Hand Rubbed
Hand Burnished
Hand Dyed
All to

What picture / wording would  you
like carved on your pouch?   Makes
a Great Gift for that Special person.
And YES...
we can alter the size to fit your needs...who else
would do that for you!
R-19-FWD      Public Defender Conceal Holster
Suede Lined
The Proud owner of this is Frank Dicorte...China Springs, TX           Thanks Frank...Enjoy

Conceal Carry Leather Gun Holsters
CCW for All Small Frame Pistols and Automatics...
Made to order

R61   Custom Dual Snap Concealed Weapon Conceal Holster
Suede Lined
Holds most small caliber weapons.
Frontier can make it fit your small weapon.
Belt loop or dual steel clips
R-61B Small Derringer Pouch
This suede lined Derringer
Belt Pouch
easily conceals your
from the public.
6" long   /   1 3/16 " thick   /   3
1/4" deep
Dual heavy Duty #24 Snaps
Includes your initials and
edge tooling
All American leathers...
Made in the USA
Fits on all 1 1/2"
standard belts

Hand made
Conceal Holster
for Small

Suede Lined
Antique Texas
Star Snap


6.5 x 4 x 1.5
5" X 3" X 1" WIDE

Frontier's Brian Cook Conceal Carry Weapon/Phone Case
Suede Lined
Double folded
Conceal Carry Pouch
22 different colors

Belt Loop or
Double Clip On versions
Custom Conceal Holster
Made to the size you need
Shown here:  6 1/8" wide  /  1" thick  /  5 " high
22 Different Colors Available
Genuine Suede Lined
Fits many smaller frame weapons
Your choice of floral designs
Dual Heavy Duty Snaps
Shown here with the Ruger LCR .38 Revolver
Custom Hand Color:  Ox-Blood with blackened edging
Shown here in SILVER BLACK
The Ed Thomas
Custom Conceal Carry  Holster

Suede Lined

Heavy Duty
Silver Clasp

Select 1 of 22 free

Hand made in
Can be made to fit
a number of small
to medium

Belt loop or
dual steel clips
The Neely Conceal Carry Holster
This Custom, handmade can be made for most pistols.
Genuine suede lined, dual heavy duty snaps and silver clasps
make this one rugged conceal carry pouch.
Shown here with the Springfield XDm-9.
Multiple width belts can be used on this pouch, Indide block holds weapon in place.
Please Take Notice......2 New Clasps
Effective 9-2017
Clasp "A"
Clasp "B"
This Style Clasp No Longer
Available after 9-2017
Don't get confused...Called me so I can help you find what you're looking for.
Your Leather craftsman:  Lynn 267-664-0485
email me at:
Now let's take a closer look at these
Gentlemen when they are on the job
and not "undercover".

A word form John and Kevin

" Kevin M. Turner and John E. Smith, are retired
members of the Los Angeles Police
Department.  Together we have 40 years of
service in the law enforcement community
working in Los Angeles, Americas, second
largest city.   For us, appearance, is as  
important as function which also includes our
safety and weapon retention.  As the owners,
TS Investigations, Inc. a private investigative
agency, we have special needs for concealing  
our duty weapons.  Like most retired police
officers, injuries, and physical limitations due to
age, as well as our current jobs make
concealment of our .45 and .40 caliber
weapons an important challenge.  

What a younger, currently employed law
enforcement officer may wear off-duty, per their
department policy, did not seem to fit our needs
as older, retired officers now working in the
private sector dealing with clients that can be
uncomfortable around firearms or while we are
attending formal events.  We did not want the
typical "web gear" with Velcro systems which fall
apart and look awful within a few months of
wear.  We did not want a less than flexible
plastic holster which break when hit hard or can
make weapons visible while in business
attire...we needed something that would stand
up to the daily abuse and wear, yet looked

after months of wear.   We looked at
"off the shelf" duty gear but we could not find
anything that fit comfortably, or looked classy
enough when dealing with our end clients.

We located
Frontier Leather Works on the
Internet using a simple search and saw the

"Leather Shoulder Holster Rigs"
offered.  John drove out and met Lynn at
Frontier Leather Works and tried on some of
his already built shoulder holsters.  Within a few
moments the choice was easy -
Frontier Leather Works was going to
manufacture our custom duty gear for our
private investigative company.
Why not drive out and
watch your conceal carry
being made?
Genuine Leather
used in all our
TS Investigations, Inc.
993 Old Eagle School Road
Suite 412
Wayne, PA   19087
If you don't see what you are
looking for send us a photo
of what you'd like and we'll
duplicate it if possible
Why not come
out and watch
your conceal
carry holster
being made
in person?
Every item you see
has been made to the
clients specifications
using all American
The Ultimate Conceal Carry Pouch
Made here for the Bonds Texas 3 inch .22  -  Can be made for other small derringers
Genuine leathers - suede lined
Handmade in America

May be ordered iun a variety of colors
and and wide range of floral designs

Custom Tooled FBI Style Pancake Holsters

These beautiful Hand crafted
Tooled Pancake holsters
are made for a variety of weapons
both right and left handed

These holsters are smooth lined.

Floral tooled options
22 different colors

Free initials
Handmade one at a time
Left or Right Handed

Different Floral designs
are available

22 Different Colors

Smooth leather lined

Made to fit your belt
The Huger
Soft Conceal Carry Pistol Pouch-Made for any small weapon you own

Fits most small
frame weapons.
Shown here with
the Taurus 605
Can also be
made to fit your
The Huger
Conceal carry
Belt loop pouch
Solf flexible
Comes in brown
or black only.
Soft Interior

Silver or Gold
Dual Belt loops
positioned as you like
or use Dual steel