Frontier Leather Works
is honored to have the privilege of making the
Antiques Brown Water Buffalo
Shoulder Rig for
Weaver Leather's Salesman:
Marcus Miller
Add a matching belt
Choice of silver or gold buckles
Or send your to be placed on the belt

Single holster shoulder rig
without the mag portion.

Dual shoulder rig
as shown here.

Add a Matching
Waist Belt

Comes suede lined and selection of
brown or black top and back straps
Here's a sample of a Western Style Cowboy style rig in
Water Buffalo

Genuine suede
lined holster and
belt...left or right
Water Buffalo
Single Rig

Dual Rig
Standard Matching Water Buffalo Set for either
Revolvers or Automatic Weapons
This set includes the following:
1:  Left or Right hand holster for most any weapon
2:  Either one of the two ammo units shown here..If automatic
it will include one ammo mag. pouch
3:  Standard 1.5" waist belt
The holster and belt will be genuine suede lined.  You
may replace the silver star snaps with any other snaps
we offer.   Both Gold and silver hardware is available.  
Set 1

1 Holster, 1 Belt and

1 Single Ammo Slide with
4-6 rounds
Set 2
1 Holster,  1 Belt

1 Single Ammo Pouch
with 1 speedloader

When we contact you for the details of your order we will ask you to select one of the colors to the left.

both right and left hand holsters are available.

Ask for Lynn

Color shown in these photo is  #6

To see The style lettering that can be added to the holster check out the Dual shoulder rig below.
Letters on darker leathers do not show up as well as on lighter leathers
The Erik Crutchfield Dual Holster Water Buffalo Shoulder Holster Rig
as shown
+ 20.00 S&H

This Unique
Shoulder Rig
Comes with 2 holsters
and an ammo pouch

The holsters do not
have to be the same
but can be made for 2
different weapons.

Free Initials

Fully Adjustable and
all items are

Suede Lined

Very Comfortable
Any Questions feel free to call Leather Craftsman Lynn Tompkins direct:  
Pennsylvania USA Time Zone
The Marcus Miller
Antique Brown Water Buffalo Leather
Custom Handmade WATER BUFFALO Gun Leather
Custom Leather Shoulder Gun Leather, Western Cowboy Gun Leather
and so much more.
5 & 6 Round ammo slides are
available ot no extra cost
Set 3
1 Holster      1 Belt

1 Single Mag Pouch
No Mag Clip
Set 4
1 Holster     1Belt

2 Single or 1 Dual Mag Pouch
No Mag Clips are included
These Mag. pouches can be ordered as 2
single units or One (1) Dual Pouch
The Picture that you see in Sets 1-4 is what you are ordering
Frontier's Top Choice Water Buffalo Mares Leg Quiver Rig
Leather Craftsman
has selected this style
Mares Leg Quiver as
the most comfortable
and stable Quiver
Mares Leg Quiver,
Main Waist belt,
Knife sheath or
Ammo loops.
Not suede lined
unless required.

Complete Rig
Frontier's Finest Quiver...Now in Water Buffalo leather.
Your Best Buy
This Water Buffalo Rig is secured by a special belt unit that unites the rig into one snug Quiver.  The entire
Set is made of Weavers Water Buffalo Leather and is perfect for this application, flexible, durable.
Above you can see the detachable belt slide making the removable of the rig simple.. The durable Nylon Chest buckle
is 1.5" wide and releases the rig immediately and smoothly.   All straps are 1.5 inches wide.
There are a few options when you order this beautiful Water Buffalo Quiver Set.  
You may order it plain, without the knife sheath or ammo loops - with or without suede lining.
If your require the knife sheath you must send us your knife so the sheath can be made to fit.
Your initials can be added at no cost.  The color shown here cannot be changed.
Questions:  Call Lynn 267-664-0485
Here you can see a close up
of the antique finish.
This happens to be a shoulder rig made
and designed for Marcus himself.
Best Shoulder Rig
by Frontier's Leathercraftsman
L.B. Tompkins
Design and Appeal
The Holsters below are a
matching set for 2 brothers
and made for their Taurus
Judge 3" weapons

This Antique Brown Water
Buffalo leather would be more
than happy to house
your weapons

These water Buffalo
holsters are
$179.00 each + S&H
Can also be ordered in any of
the 5 colors available above
The Scott Gaffin
Colt Matching Set
The Dustin Skinner Center Back Water Buffalo Dual Pistols Holster Rig
This beautiful hand made
dual holster rig can be made for most small to
medium size weapons with barrels not more than 5
inches.  Suede lined holsters.  Add your name and
select one of 27 different colors.
The Youngerman DOC D Antique Brown Water Buffalo Western Holster Rig
Suede Lined
Made for any weapon
The John German Custom Kimber Single Shoulder holster rig
Suede lined
Fully Adjustable
Left or right hand
Deluxe Key
Protects your
Comes in
many colors
Belt Only
1.5" wide
Regular  Key
Protects your
Comes in
many colors
Both Regular & Deluxe are
available in Basket weave
design for $18.00 more in
any color but Buffalo
Protect your clothes from wear
just like the police do.
Hand made in Pennsylvania
BY An American Family
The this western cowboy rig shown below is ready to ship today.  These normally take 7-8
weeks to make but one is ready today

Single holster shoulder rig
without the mag portion.

Dual shoulder rig
as shown here.

Add a Matching
Waist Belt

Comes suede lined and selection of
brown or black top and back straps

Single holster shoulder rig
without the mag portion.

Dual shoulder rig
as shown here.

Add a Matching
Waist Belt

Comes suede lined and selection of
brown or black top and back straps
Additional Samples of a Matching Set
Simple Belt Holster
This holster can be made for most weapons like the Glock, Colt, Kimber etc.
This style holster can be made for most
and comes in 22 different colors.
Free Initials and or 1 stamp image
Made for either left or right handed shooters
Holster ONLY
Holster and Matching Belt
28 different colors
Free Initials and or 1 stamped image

Holster & matching Belt
Buckle can be changed
  Don't get confused...Called me so I can help you find what you're looking for.
                Your Leather craftsman:  Lynn 267-664-0485
email me at: