The Gilder # 2 Single Holster Rig
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R-16 D-Flag     
The Civinelli All American Horizonial  Flag Shoulder Holster Rig
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The Daniel Smith     Ruger RU-01 Single 6 Shoulder Holster Rig
Custom  .32 Caliber Leather Shoulder Holster with 4 5/8 Barrel

Pilots Rig...Available for most all weapons       Very Comfortable...Fully Adjustable
Many of you wanted to know what type of rig
Your Leather Craftsman Himself Wears

Well here's one of his CUSTOM LEATHER shoulder rigs...custom tooled and dyed
Frontier's Beautiful
R-90 Tooled Leather Shoulder Holster Rig
R-15S    5 Round Combination 3 Way - Straight & Cross Draw Shoulder Holster
Comes with belt strap...may be
used with or without the belt
strap or Shoulder Strap.
Fully Adjustable straps
3 Holsters in One Rig
The idea for modifying the R-15 to the
Shoulder type rig shown here comes from
Jim Rumbold of Pueblo, CO
Fully Adjustable Rig Very Comfortable
Horizonal Rig
Single Adjustable Buckle
Frontiers' R-15S Leather Shoulder Holster Rig
R-32 Pilot's Leather Shoulder Holster Rig
R-15 G
Leather Shoulder Holster

Suede Lined
Hand Sewn
Fully Adjustable
R-300 Super Light / Very Soft Leather Shoulder Holster
Great for Small Frame Revolvers / Automatics

$259.00 Complete

Double leather holster
soft & smooth inside
Fully adjustable
Comes in
Brown and Black
and Reddish Brown
Belt tie down included
No images or tooling can be
done on this type of leather
R-500  Taurus Judge Defender & Beretta Tomcat
Or any small weapon                  Lightweight Shoulder Holster Rigs

Don't See Exactly what you're looking for?

Have an idea that would make your Shoulder Rig Unique and Special...
Call Lynn:  267-664-0485
The best time to reach Lynn directly is after 5:00 pm (EST) Monday - Thursday
Any time Friday-Saturday  7:00 am - 9:00 pm

We can take your idea and turn it into your very own custom Shoulder Rig
YES we can combine features from different rig.

Who else would listen to your ideas and
custom make you the rig of your dreams...
Suede Lined
Shoulder Straps

Custom hand
Antique Texas Star

Fully Adjustable
Unique One-of-a-Kind
Hand Made Rigs are
Frontier's Trademark
Below is a sample of a R-16P modified Leather Shoulder Holster
Jeremy Pickens...Knoxville, TN
Custom Lasered R-16 Marine Leather Shoulder Holster Rig
And yes we can make you one too!...Not a problem my friend.
Frontier Leather Works'
Tilting Holster
R-16 Tilting Shoulder Holster Rig
Custom Engraved

Frontier Leather Works
can make this rig for any
Branch of Our Service.

Fully Adjustable
Can also be made to HONOR
or REMEMBER your loved one.

Lynn 267-664-0485
"The Last Man Standing Rig"
Dual 1911 Leather Shoulder holsters
Can be made for any weapon
Top Grade leathers

Completely Suede Lined

Floral Chicago Screws

Fully Adjustable
Any Color you want
FREE initials / Images

Suede Lined strap and
Fully adjustable rig

Comes with Belt Tie down
(not shown here)
Can be made for Left Hand
and for any weapon you own
Wood Grain Finish is no longer any other colors on our site...
However, we will provide this wood grain finish with the understanding that
Frontier Cannot Guarantee the finish of water is applied.
Frontier Leather Works
can modify any rig shown above to fit your needs.
We hand make every item on this site

Every thing is completely

Frontier's R-G3 Silver Black Leather State Rigs
Custom Leather Shoulder Holster...for any weapon... Any State
Shown here in
Frontier's Famous

Like all rigs this rig can be made for left or
right handed shooters and be modified
to your specifications

We can make
this rig for
almost any
weapon you
R-406 Gregory PD
Custom Designed Light Weight Leather Shoulder Holster Rig for the  Taurus Public Defender
Can be made for any weapon
This beautiful Light Weight Shoulder Holster Rig is made of
5-6 Oz Top Grade leather and lined with
4-5 Oz genuine suede.
The rig sits a bit low for easy draw and is fully adjustable.
You may select any concho you'd like or just leave the holster
plain...Select most any color from our site...Free Initials and any of the
40 different images can be yours.
A Wonderful Gift for Yourself or a Loved One
One Comfortable
Shoulder Rig
This Unique Triple Use Shoulder/Belt rig  
serves three purposes.

1: A Comfortable Shoulder rig

2: Right or left handed Straight belt holster
3:  Cross Draw holster
Fully removable shoulder straps
Fully adjustable straps
All genuine American Leathers & Suedes
Frontier makes this rig in both left and right hand
versions for almost any weapon you own.

Holster can move up and down your side to fit
R-12AB Leather Shoulder Holster with its Matching Ammo Belt...
For Any Caliber or Gun you want
All rigs are available in any color you see on our site          Left or Right handed
Completely Lined
Ammo pouch unlined

Fully Adjustable
Custom Dye
Silver Black 2-tone

You select either the
Standard or QuickDraw
2 Samples of Our R-16 Modified Leather Shoulder
Holster Rigs
Now let's take a closer look at these Gentlemen when they are on the job and not "undercover".

A word form John and Kevin

" Kevin M. Turner and John E. Smith, are retired members of the Los Angeles Police Department.  Together we have 40 years of service in the law
enforcement community working in Los Angeles, Americas, second largest city.   For us, appearance, is as  important as function which also
includes our safety and weapon retention.  As the owners,
TS Investigations, Inc. a private investigative agency, we have special needs for
concealing  our duty weapons.  Like most retired police officers, injuries, and physical limitations due to age, as well as our current jobs make
concealment of our .45 and .40 caliber weapons an important challenge.  

What a younger, currently employed law enforcement officer may wear off-duty, per their department policy, did not seem to fit our needs as older,
retired officers now working in the private sector dealing with clients that can be uncomfortable around firearms or while we are attending formal
events.  We did not want the typical "web gear" with Velcro systems which fall apart and look awful within a few months of wear.  We did not want a
less than flexible plastic holster which break when hit hard or can make weapons visible while in business attire...we needed something that would
stand up to the daily abuse and wear, yet looked
"sharp" after months of wear.   We looked at "off the shelf" duty gear but we could not find
anything that fit comfortably, or looked classy enough when dealing with our end clients.

We located
Frontier Leather Works on the Internet using a simple search and saw the "Leather Shoulder Holster Rigs" being offered.  John
drove out and met Lynn at
Frontier Leather Works and tried on some of his already built shoulder holsters.  Within a few moments the choice was
easy -
Frontier Leather Works was going to manufacture our custom duty gear for our private investigative company.
R-32W  Walsh Pilot Shoulder Holster
Includes:  Fully adjustable belts; Double R-80-5 Ammo Pouch
and 2 .45 / 410 Speed loaders; Lined Leather Shoulder Holster Pad

Holster can be detached and worn
on a regular belt.
Shoulder Holster and Shoulder Pad
are suede lined for comfort.
Ammo slide fits both belts...Gold or
Silver hardward
Free Initials and 1-2 of our
47 images
Top Grade Leathers.
Fully Adjustable
Sits where you put it.
Any Color you want
and Made in USA

All American

Hand Made
From Scratch
Custom Leather Shoulder Holster Rig       Modified R-18 Shoulder Rig
R-18 Plain Fully
Adjustable Plain
Suede Lined
Judge Defender 2"
(Or any small frame weapon)
We can make
this system for
also fits the
Uberti .45 5 1/2

The  R-12-TR
Leather Shoulder Holster Rig
Just like the R-12 but with triple speedloaders
R-18 Trull-1 Scoped All Leather Custom Shoulder Holster Rig
Includes 3 Speed
loaders for the
Judge .45 /.410
This Custom
R-18 Rig
was made for the
Scoped Weapon

Straps are fully

Leg Strap is Velcro

Custom Tooling

Floral Rivets

Suede Lined
An Awesome Rig
Custom Scooped R-18 Rig

Suede Lined...AnyCaliber
Now you can carry over 20 rounds with your Judge
Detachable, Double steel clips . . . removeable pouch
Belt tie downs fully adjustable as is the entire Shoulder Rig.
Can be made for any weapon...LEFT OR RIGHT HANDED
One Beautiful Custom Leather Shoulder Holster Rig
Made the Way you want it!
Left or Right Handed Leather
Any Color...Any Caliber


.410 AMMO
Variety of Clasps
Double Eagle shown here
See other R-18 rigs on the
Judge Holsters Page 1
Both Holster and Ammo
Pouches are Tilting
Adjustable types.

Both can be tilted to fit
your contour best
A Wonderful
for Your
Loved One
Yes you may add ammo loops and knife
sheath to this rig for an additional
R-18 BRENNER Raging Judge Bandeleer Shoulder holster
as shown on this rig are

We will be using
the concho's 3 shown to the right
on all rigs effective
May 1, 2013

Suede Lined Rig

Send us your Knife

Main Strap is 3 1/4" wide

Complete Rig
Custom Leather Shoulder Holster Bandoleer
Main Strap is 2 1/2" wide
Comes with 2 speedloaders +
2 pouches...Clip-On type
Suede lined holster & Strap
Heavy Duty Steel Clips Used
3 Piece conchos
New  on all holster bands
Below is another sample of a modified R-406 for a S&W  .38 Cal. with extra ammo on the straps
Can be made for any caliber
Left or Right Handed
To the left see the Extra rounds added
to the main shoulder straps...
also the Style "C" Back strap system
being used in this shoulder rig.
Canted forward
All American Leathers
Suede Lined
Hand Made in USA
To the right you can see the
Velcro patch used to adjust for
other weapons used in this
Back strap system "A"
seen here
The Harrison Triple Ammo Mag Leather Shoulder Holster Rig
Made of
All American Leathers

Main Shoulder Straps
and Holster are
Suede Lined

Heavy Duty Threads are
recessed in the leather

3 different Straps Systems
you can select from

Floral Hardware
Complete..any color you want
except Camo...For most any
weapon...Left ot Right handed
Fully Adjustable
Both Holster and Ammo Mag Can be Canted
First:  Start Here and find a style you like
Dual Leather Shoulder Rigs
By Dual Rigs we mean the rig has a holster and ammo unit or extra holster
Any rig you select can be made to fit you and your weapon
When Everyone else says it can't be done...

Then it's
Time To Call Lynn at Frontier Leather Works
The Beau Johnson Custom Shoulder Rig
with Quad Vertical Ammo Unit
"ROSS" Chest Holster System...Can be made for any Pistol you own

Shown here with the
5 inch
460 MAGNUM  5
Round Cylinder
Trijicon Laser Sight
Here you can see the Belt Tie
Down system we now use
on all Shoulder Holster Rigs.

There are now three (3)
adjustments you can
make to secure the
holster to your belt
Any Color you want.

Suede Lined

Fully Adjustable
Back Cross Straps also optional
at no cost....see sample above
R-1000  Raging Judge Leather Shoulder Holster Rig

All Genuine Leather
Suede Lined    Straps and Holster
Comfortable      Fully Adjustable
Below you can see the James Bourque
Taurus Public Defender
Single Shoulder Holster Rig
The American Flag Antiqued 1911 Tanker Rig
Just send us your knife
Fully Adjustable
Suede Lined Holster
Shoulder Pad
1 Detachable Mag. Pouch
Antique Am. Flag Design
with ammo loops
Complete Rig
ammo loops
Below is the
RJ Johnson
Custom Bandoleer Shioulder Rig with multiple holsters
3 Holsters in
1 Shoulder Rig

All holsters are suede
lined as are all holsters.

Leg Strap included.

Comes with Thumb Break
or standard retaining
straps for the weapons.

22 Different colors

Left or Right Handed
for any weapon

Each weapon can be
interchanged with just 2

Design the rig
the way you want it

Each weapon comes with
Triangle attachments
of its own.
The Civinelli All American Antiqued  Flag Shoulder Holster Rig
Personalized Pilot's Shoulder Rig
All American Leathers
Genuine Suede Lined holster
Fully Adjustable / Belt Tie Down
Custom Hand Made
In The
By Americans
for Americans
Left or Right Handed
for Any Pistol you'd like



(Tankers Rig)


Below are a few Samples of our
Bandoleers Style Shoulder Rigs
Below are a number of our
Pilot's and Tanker's Shoulder Rigs
Taurus Public Defender   TJPD-1
Shoulder Holster Rig

This holster
fits Judge
Ruger LCR

Suede Lined
Holster can
be canted
Fully Adjustable

Left or Right Handed
22 Different


This Dark
Right Hnad
Shoulder Rig
can be
The Mike Shores
Wide Belt Western Pilot's Shoulder Rig
Suede Lined
Wide Main Shoulder
Waist Belt
Fully Adjustable
22 Different colors

The Shane Welch
Custom Shoulder Rig with Ammo Unit
Custom, Hand Made Unique Shoulder Holster Rig Holster is suede lined
Can be made for left or right handed shooters
22 different colors are available

Can be made for
any Weapon
The Dan Putt
Deep Chocolate Belted Shoulder Rig

Fully Adjustable
shoulder straps.
Comes with both leather
or popco screws
Holster is suede lined
Very Comfortable



22 different

Right or
Left Handed
Any size weapon

Auto or Revolver
Left or Right handed...
any Caliber ammo loops
22 different
Now..Let's take a Look at a few Single Shoulder Rigs
By Single Rigs we mean there is a holster but no ammo unit
We can make any rig here to fit you and your weapon
Custom Made
by hand

Genuine Suede
Gun Leather Shoulder Holsters
Of all Kinds - Made for every weapon left / right handed
Single & Double Rigs /   Bandoleers / Chest holsters / Pilots Holsters
Custom Made to your Specifications
Frontier's Custom  R-12 and R-12A  DUAL Shoulder Rig
Ammo pouch
R-12 AB


Belt tie

for most
any weapon
TS Investigations, Inc.
993 Old Eagle School Road
Suite 412
Wayne, PA   19087
R15 SW
Snap Belt

Optional Speed loader design
Below is an option for those who prefer
Revolvers over Autos.  Speed loaders
are positioned one over the other and
facing forward for easy withdraw.
The Tyler Stehman
Mac 3011 Shoulder Rig
Custom made
Shoulder Rig
with special cant
Soft back Straps
Fully Adjustable
Holster can be canted
22 different colors
Left or Right handed
R-300 B
Soft leather Shoulder Rig
The R-300 B
Soft Leather Shoulder
Rig is one of the most
comfortable rigs we
Fully adjustable,
soft, flexible  leather.
Can be made for left
or right handed
Color:  Brown / Black
Here you can see rings which now allow for
easy adjustments of the two back straps
To the left you can see the holes in the
holster which allow adjustments both
forward and backwards for canting the
weapon for easy drawing.  This area is
reinforced for greater stability
Photo A
This shoulder rig can be
made in BLACK.  
Frontier's Custom Soft Leather Conceal Carry
Dual Holster rig
This beautiful and flexible Dual Shoulder Rig can be made for almost any weapon.
The leather is very soft, and light weight, yet strong,  allowing it to conform to the body.
The inside is a felt-like leather and permits the rig to remain in the position you desire.

Cost:  $495.00
Shoulder Rig
The Pouch shown on this rig
can be made for your Phone
and another object
The Pouch shown on this rig
can be used to hold
additional rounds of AMMO
Strap System:  #3
Can be made for any caliber
Can be made for most weapons
The Jacob  Edster Custom Shoulder Rig

for most
any weapon
Flexible, Comfortable and
Very Unique Style Shoulder Holster.
Comes in 22 different colors
Left or Right handed
Suede lined holster and Mag pouch.
Both hanve belt tie down system
Fully adjustable all the way around.
Top Grade Leathers Throughout
Above and below you can see the different
strap combinations that come with this rig.
You can set it up to fit your needs.

Fully Adjustable
Shoulder Rig

Comes in 22
different colors

Back strap
system #3
Above you can see
Frontier's New Single Ammo Mag holster
Belt Tie downs on both mag and holster
This shoulder rig comes with many additional
straps , shown below, so a wide range of
adjustments can be made if desired.
The Dan Franklin Shoulder Rig
The Thomas J. Finch
Custom Oak leaf Tooled & Custom Dyed Bandoleer Shoulder Rig

This R-18 can be ordered
in a number of ways.

1:  Tooled Bandoleer Only
with ammo loops
$795.00 + S&H

2:  As shown here:  Tooled
with 2 knife sheaths
Waist Belt & Bandoleer
$989.00 + S&H

22 different colors
Left or Right Handed
This Rig, like most others, can
be made to fit your weapon

To see more of the
progress of how this rig
was made just click on
the words below

Many more photos there,
just scroll down the page
We will help you
design the rig.

Select a
different design
and tooling.

Made to your
Thanks again was a
real pleasure working with
you to design this custom
God's best to you &
yours my friend.
The MARCUS MILLER Shoulder Rig
In our newest:               ANTIQUE BROWN WATER BUFFALO LEATHER
The finish is quite unique
to say the least.   It has
the feel of a cracked
finish yet soft and flexible.

We can use this leather to
make any number of
simple holsters to
shoulder rig as
shown here.

A soft flexible leather is
used to create ammo
pouches and the main
top straps.

Awesome Leather from
Weaver Leather
Ohio, USA
Like most all of Frontier's Rigs this shoulder rig can be
made for most and revolvers.
Comes in this color ONLY.
Single holster shoulder rig
without the mag portion.

Dual shoulder rig
as shown here.

Add a Matching Waist Belt
Additional $99.00

Comes suede lined and selection of
brown or black top and back straps.

Speed loader pouches made
for your revolvers
You select either black or
chocolate back straps for
your rig
Best Vertical
Shoulder Rig
by Frontier's Leathercraftsman
L.B. Tompkins
Design and Appeal
The Stephan Strasser
Custom Dual Rig with Triple Mag unit
to pick
Add your own
initials and
Complete Rig as
shown here
Belt Tie Downs are Included
The Robert Raitter Custom Shoulder Bandoleer Rig
Smith Wesson performance center .460 11"  with Leopold Scope
Fully ajustable
Suede Lined
Top Grade
22 different
The Chris Baumener
Belted Shoulder Rig with matching belt and ammo slide  #2
Chris with
Mountain Dewey
enjoying life
Like every holster we hand made,
This rig can be made for any weapon...
left or right handed.
The weapon shown here is the
with 6" barrel and
Burris Fast Fire 3 Scope
Below you can see the Thomas Francisco Triple Mag Rig
The Erik Crutchfield Dual Holster Water Buffalo Shoulder Holster Rig
as shown
+ 20.00 S&H

This Unique
Shoulder Rig
Comes with 2 holsters
and an ammo pouch

The holsters do not
have to be the same
but can be made for 2
different weapons.

Free Initials

Fully Adjustable and
all items are

Suede Lined

Very Comfortable
The Myreon Barrett
Custom Belted Shoulder Rig
Frontier's New
Water Buffalo Leather
Complete Rig
made for any weapon
Left or Right Handed
Suede lined holster
and main strap
$ 395.00 + S&H
Soft, Flexible Leather
Fully Adjustable
The Odin Hess
Custom Shoulder Holster Rig

With 2-3
Desert Eagle Dual Shoulder Rig
Suede Lined  Lowers,
holster & ammo unit.
Eagle Snaps / Floral Screws
Fully adjustavbe
#3 Very Soft Upper straps
Very Comfortable
Made by hand in
Strasburg, Pennsylvania USA

Complete Dual
Shoulder Rig
The Billy Crawford
Spider Shoulder Rig

Comes in
22 different colors

Suede Lined

Made for both
right & left hand

Colored Jewel
included if wanted

Made for most
any weapon

The Chris Baumener Quick Draw Shoulder Rig  #1
Shown here with the S&W  .44 Mag 6.5"  Model 629 Classic
This single shoulder holster rig
uses the Back starps system A
shown at the top of this page.  
22 colors available and add your
own image for the holster.
Made for most weapons
Left or right handed
Smooth durable leather lining.
Heavy duty threads recessed
Heavy duty dual snaps
Belt tie down on back side
The Donald Langley
Dual Holster / Mag Holder Shoulder Rig
Suede lined holsters and
Ammo Unit.....Belt tie downs
Left or Right handed
Fully Adjustable
Comfortable / Flexible
Shoulder Rig
with 2 holsters and 1
ammo unit.  
Holsters are
2 Rigs in 1
2 in 1 Rig
Here you can see the belt tie down
straps.  These soft leather straps can be
trimmed down after fitting the rig.
To the right you can see the belt tie
downs attached to the holsters and ammo
unit....however, there may be a need to
extend the belt tie downs.  Thus we have
included the extension belt tie downs if
ever needed.
 In most cases these Belt
Tie Down straps are not needed at all.
Both Stamp Initials in
Style "C" ONLY and
some Light Edge
Tooling is available on
this Water Buffalo
To see other Water
Buffalo Colors
Click Here
3rd holster for the 1911
Back straps can be configured
for 2 positions shown here
The Harman
Tooled Shoulder Holster Rig
Suede Lined
Shoulder rig

Can be made for
most every
weapon left or
right handed

22 different

Many floral
designs available

Send us your
knife or use ours
The Brian Stevens Combination Interchangable Holster... Shoulder & Belt Holster Rig
Holster doubles as
a belt holster and
shoulder holster as
seen here.
$ 499.00
1-waist belt, and the complete rig
shown here, either left or right
handed for most any weapon...
fully adjustable..
also in many colors
The holster can be
used in 3 different

1:  On the shoulder rig as
shown here
2:  On an western ammo
belt as sown below
3:  On any standard waist
belt if desired.

The holster is completely
detachable.  Holster is
suede lined to protect the
The items below can be added to the above items:
Matching Western Belt and either the single or double speed loader pouch

The shoulder holster shown
above and be also used as
part of your western cowboy
belt rig.

To the right you can see the
entire package.

We offer 27 different colors
and free stamp images and
initials with this complete


Free S&H to lower 48 states
The Tammy Smith Dual Shoulder Holster Rig
For any
Shown here in
Antique Brown Water Buffalo Leather
Custom R-12A - Recommended Version
Our Standard R-12
Ammo pouch
The above Shoulder rig comes with 3+ versions
of Back Straps shown above.

You'll also notice the top shoulder straps
are of a different design for greater
weight distribution of heavier weapons
and ammo units.

We offer 2 different colors and 45 stamp images,
both of which are included in the cost.

Frontier can custom
this shoulder rig to fit
any weapon you own.

Once you purchase
this rig, like any
other product we
offer, we will email
you for all the details
you'd like...color,
initials etc.

We will work directly
with you until the
product is finished.

Like all our products
we can make this
shoulder rig for
either LEFT OR

Have a idea
about how
you'd like
your rig to
be made?

We will
work with
you do make it

Call the leather
craftsman direct
Back Strap Version A
Back Strap Version B
Fully Adjustable
Fully Adjustable Belt
Tie Downs

Various strap
systems are
When ordering this shoulder rig you
may select either the single, double or
triple ammo unit as shown above.
We will contact you for details
after you place your order.
Shown here in Frontier's Custom
Can be made for any weapon
This rig is designed to carry ammo, wallet
and or larger phones.  Comes in 22
different colors and made for left or right
hand...for most every weapon you own.
Add your own images
R-300 B
The Chris Gosh
Custom Design Shoulder Rig
Complete rig as shown here
Suede lined ammo belt, holster and
top shoulder pad....You pick your own
buckle for the main belt.
Can be made for any weapon; left or
right handed shooters.
27 different free colors, 45 stamp
images and 3 lettering styles.

Like every item on
our site you can
modify any rig to fit
your needs.

We are a full
Custom shop
to meet your needs
The Mark L Mattice Dual holster rig for 2 different weapons
Genuine American
Custom hand made
specifically for
Mark Mattice

Happy Birthday
Hand Crafted
Antique Water Buffalo
Dual rig
Interested in Custom Leather Scabbards or any photo to see more
The DA WEAVER Custom Holster Outfit
Made for any weapon / any ammo caliber
Suede or smooth
leather lining

Made for right or left
handed shooters

Any number of ammo

Any Weapon
Any Caliber

28 free colors
45 free stamp images

Belt tie downs as shown
The Steve Reider  S&W  .460 Shoulder Cross draw Rig
Can be made for any weapon

Genuine think Suede Lined  /  Dual front & back adjustments
Antique Texas Snaps on all straps  /  %-6 Round ammo slide
1.5" Standard waist Bely  /  Solver or Gold hardware
Left or Right handed  // Free initials and stamped images

Upgraded Models of the Shane Welch may include"
Upgrades may include additional
back side adjustments (A)
and different belt tie down
adjustments (B) Buckle & Snap
This Chest Holster Rig designed for:
Ron Bloomingkemper, Texas
The Zach Yeakel Custom Basket weave Chest Shoulder rig
Fully adjustable
Suede lined
Scoped Holster
28 different colors
Custom Fit to your
specifications and likes
The Mike Andrews
Lite Chest Shoulder Holster Rig
Left or Right handed
Adjustable front & back
Silver or Gold hardware
Genuine Suede
Lined Holster
Comes with Belt
Tie downs
Dual buckles
front and back
The Mike Wild
Custom Scoped Holster with Laser sight       Shown here for the S&W  Performance Center .44 Magnum Hunter

Custom Antique
Brown Water Buffalo  

Smooth leather lined
holster and suede
lined belt straps.

Comes with matching
waste Belt  & Knife &
sheath and
Belt Tie downs

The Brad Callander Custom Shoulder rig for smaller weapons
Holster moves both forward and backwards and can be
canted to a number of positions for easy draw.  Suede
lined and fully adjustable straps.  Comes in 28 different
colors.  Light weight and very comfortable.  Belt tie downs.
Soft Flap Covers Ammo
"The Archie" Double leathered Light Weight Shoulder rig
Made for left & right handed
shooters. and can be ordered
with just the holster and no
ammo unit.

Dual Rig   Single holster
$429.00                $279.00

This light weight shoulder rig is
made of 2 soft and smooth durable
leathers glued together then sewn.

Comes in brown & black
Fully adjustable

Holster and Ammo unit can be
canted forward and back & forth
for perfect fit.  
Comes with Chest
strap and belt tie downs

A Favorite of many clients
Frontier's First Choice Award
Shown Here canted forward for easy draw
The GILDER #3 Pure White Single & Dual Shoulder Holster Rigs
The retaining strap can be adjusted to
fit other weapons of the approx size
Back Butterfly Cross
Piece is adjustable
Belt Tie Downs Straps
Single Holster with
Single or double ammo

for style
Dual Holsters
For any weapon
you own

for style
Single Holster
No ammo side

Left or Right
Any weapon
Frontier's Economy Multi-Shoulder Holster Rigs
Horizonal Version
Vertical Version
These beautiful Genuine
Water Buffalo leather Shoulder
rigs come in both
Vertical or Horizonal

Fully Adjustable Straps
No belt tie downs
Cannot be modified
No Initials or images on
this leather

Both rigs will hold 18 different
weapons because of the new
adjustable Retaining straps

Left & Right handed
Will hold:

17,19, 22, 23, 26, 27, 30, 31, 32

Sig Sauer:
P-226, 228, 229, 239, Mosquito

PX-4 Storm

Pro TLE !!



And others which may be
close to these weapons
Now..Let's take a Look at a few Chest Shoulder Rigs
By Chest rigs we mean the holster is located more on the front of the chest or near the side
Again, we can modify any Chest Rig to fit you and your weapon
Considered the
Best in the
1st Choice
Top Seller
Chest Holster
By Far
The Emmett Jones Belted Shoulder Rig
Shown Without Ammo slide                                                           Shown With Ammo Slide
Made for Left or Right Hand
Suede Lined Holster
Fully Adjustable Buckle Strap
Swivel Belt Tie Down
Add your name and Image / Any Weapon
Please Take Notice......2 New Clasps
For those who order shoulder holster rigs like the one below (R-12-TR) that
have ammo pouches... you have 2 clasps to choose from:
A or B
Clasp "A"
Clasp "B"
This Style Clasp No Longer
Available after 9-2017
22 colors
American Flag
Shoulder Rig


Can be made for
any pistol
Suede or smooth
The GILDER #1 Shoulder Holster Rig
Black & Red made for any weapon
Made for any weapon
left or right handed
Smooth or genuine suede lined
Free S&H to lower 48 states TIL 2019
Many different colors available
$525.00                 $725.00
Custom Handmade
to your specifications
Made for a specific shotgun
and custom fit to the clients
Hand Sewn, Custom belt
units that snap on and off.
Made for heavier weapons
Shown here in Antique
Brown Water Buffalo

Waist belt
Made for any weapon
left or right handed
Ammo loops included
Smooth or genuine suede lined
Free S&H to lower 48 states TIL 2019
Many different colors available
$545.00                 $745.00
The SINGLE Style Rig comes
with a ammo unit instead of
the 2nd holster.
The SINGLE Style Rig comes
with a ammo unit instead of
the 2nd holster.

Like all our rig this comes
with belt tie downs

We will help you design the rig
if you like
Custom Floral Tooled Dual Shoulder Holster Rig
Comes in over 20 different Colors & a variety of Floral Designs
Dual Shoulder Holster Rig

Genuine Suede Lined

Hand tooled by Leather craftsman
The rig is excellent for smaller handguns
like the Ruger LCR shown here - belt tie downs are removable.

Both the holster and dual ammo unit can be canted forward
and up and down...see the curved hole design
of the holster.

Comes in over 20 different colors
The Scott Zechman Dragon Chest Shoulder Rig
This beautiful Chest Holster was made for the
S&W  .460 and the 5 1/4 inch barrel
Can be made for any weapon you own!
Like all of our rigs
It can be ordered in 26 different colors for right or left hand shooters
Suede lined and ammo unit includedCustom  designing available.
Your design     Suede Lined and fully adjustable
The Paul Hardy - Genuine Horse Hide
911 Triple Mag Shoulder Rig
Genuine Horse Hide Shoulder Holster
Black or Brown only - Adjustable
Dual Mags        Triple Mags
$725.00             $825.00
Genuine Horse Hide does not stretch as Cow Hide can.  
NOTE:  Before ordering horse hide please call for availability-leather
sizes are limited by law and may not be available for larger weapons &
may take additional time to make than do normal orders.   Colors may
vary somewhat from the color shown here.        267-664-0485
Genuine Horse Hide
Soft, Flexible, Very Comfortable
The Joe Murry Dual 1911 Shoulder rig
This beautiful Antique Brown Water Buffalo Shoulder Rig is availavle for
any weapon...we are just showing it here for the Colt 1911's.
Genuine Thick Suede
Lining to protect the
Complete:  $625.00
Holster is adjustable up and down and can be canted in 3-4
positions.  All straps are fully adjustable.  Belt Tie downs are
included.  Free Initials and free stamped images
Extra Wide load bearing top straps
and like the #4 Top Straps shown
above.  These straps are soft, flexible
and durable.  Back center straps is
The BERG Dragon Dual Shoulder Holster Rig
Can be made left or right handed.
Hand carved tooling...comes in 22 colors
Hand Made one at a time
Genuine Suede Lined / Fully Adjustable
FREE s&h to 48 lower states
Belt Tie Downs / 2 sets Back Cross straps
Top straps are also hand tooled
The Ed Stokes Ammo Bandoleer
Complete Genuine
Antique Brown
Water Buffalo

Made for any caliber ammo

Hand Made to fit you

The UnSainted Warrior by Tuff
Light-Weight Water Buffalo Black & Grey Dragon Dual Pistol Shoulder Holster Rig
Can be order in Black & Brown Scales
or Antique Brown Water Buffalo with
brown dragon insert
All but the inlay dragon pattern is Genuine
Water Buffalo trimmed down to 4-6 oz
leather for light-weight carry.    Fully
Various Styles of Belt Tie
Downs are
available....The Elastic
ones are shown here.

Thread Color
to fit your needs
The Royal Touch in Shoulder Holsters
Completely genuine suede lined, Fully adjustable at all points, Super Light
Weight; and can be made for any weapons you light own.
Holsters can be canted in 3 positions from straight to canted forward
If you have only one pistol and wish to have a single or dual mag holder under
the opposite arm-NO PROBLEM...The cost remains the same.
This rig, like all our other rigs can be modified to fit your wishes.
$679.00 and Includes S&H to lower 48
The Dan Wales Custom Rig
This Pilot's Rig will hold all these weapons in one holster:
Colt 1911 up to 5"; Sig Sauer 1911 .45 Non-rail; Sig Sauer Nightmare .45 non-rail;
Beretta 85FS .380 spfld Armory .3.5" ; All Sig non-rail .45 Cal 1911
Chris Adds a new KAHR matching set to his collection
Here is the same
rig as above but
made in Antique
Brown Water
Buffalo leather
Frontier Leather Works thanks
Sgt. Michael Garlinger,
and all military for their service to America
The Michael A. Garlinger
Custom Marine Shoulder Rig
R-18 B
Same as the plain but with
ammo strip added
This R-18 Bandolier
comes in 3 versions
Below is the Mike Whitehead Chest Holster Rig

Here is another Chest
Holster Rig showing the
6 round ammo
unit on the main chest
strap...Grab & Go
style...made for any
weapon in
22 Colors
Thanks Mike
for the photos
The Steven Wolff 2-Part Bandolier

This 2-Part bandolier holds 48 rounds of .38/.357 ammo and a bit
less for .45 caliber.  Suede lined with silver spots enhance this
beautiful rig.  Your choice of conchos.
Can be made as a single unit
The Skip Special - Made for the Century 100
Custom Hand made for the Century 45/70 Black Powder
7.5 inch barrel.  Also fits the .50 cal. Suede lined
Right or left handed..Belt tie downs.  Adjustable-Waist
belt included...22 different
Choice of tooling Designs.
Glad you could come to
Frontier Leather Works
and watch the entire
process as we
made this
Beautiful Chest Holster
Specifically to fit you
my friend.
The House of Howitzer
The Quiver fits all shotguns with 18" barrels
Can be modified to fit your needs
Can be made
to fit any

The Robert Wheatley Dual Shoulder Holster Rig

Like all our products this
rig comes in 22 different
colors  and also can be
made for any weapon you
might own.

Custom, handmade
Genuine Suede Lined top
straps and holsters

Free Initials

Free Stamped

Comes with both
suspender and belt
tie downs

Front & Back straps

Pick you own color
and images
Click Here
Frontier's Dual John Sams Shoulder Holster Rig

This Beautiful Dual Shoulder
rig is made of Genuine Water
Buffalo leather and is lined
with Genuine thick suede

Comes in Black or Antique
Brown Water Buffalo as
shown here.

Made to fit any body

Adjustable straps

Threads may be white,
brown or black

John wearing both the Custom Shoulder holster rig and Western rig

This "Y" Style Shoulder strap style is perhaps the most comfortable
system for both Single and Dual shoulder holster combinations
Holster comes in Vertical & Horizontal positions
This Type of Strap
system spreads the weight
of the weapon across
both shoulders.  The
heavier the weapon the
most you need this style
top strap system
The shoulder
holster rig shown
here is a single
style...It contains
only the holster
for the weapon
but no ammo unit
on the other side.
Comes with
adjustable straps and
the "Y" straps come in
leather or adjustable
elastic stretch straps.

"Y" referred to is
the part that attaches
to the waist belt.
Voted Most
Horizontal Top
Strap System
offered by
Leather Works
Can be ordered as shown here or the "Y" Version

Once you select the Shoulder Holster from this page let
us know if you prefer this style top straps for your rig
Will work for most weapons which include mag.
or speed loaders..
Call Lynn 267-664-0485
Version A
No Speed
loader or
Ammo Mag
Version B
Comes with 1 Speed Loader
Version C
Comes with 1 Ammo Mag.
Add to the Basic shoulder rig by including either a Speed loader or Ammo Mag
Once you place your order I will contact you for all the details you want on your shoulder rig...caliber, size, weapon etc.

This "Y" Style Shoulder strap style is perhaps the most comfortable
system for both Single and Dual shoulder holster combinations
Holster comes in Vertical & Horizontal positions
This Type of Strap
system spreads the weight
of the weapon across
both shoulders.  The
heavier the weapon the
most you need this style
top strap system
The shoulder
holster rig shown
here is a single
style...It contains
only the holster
for the weapon
but no ammo unit
on the other side.
Comes with
adjustable straps and
the "Y" straps come in
leather or adjustable
elastic stretch straps.

"Y" referred to is
the part that attaches
to the waist belt.
Can be ordered as shown here or the "Y" Version

Once you select the Shoulder Holster from this page let
us know if you prefer this style top straps for your rig
Will work for most weapons which include
mag. or speed loaders..
Call Lynn 267-664-0485
Version A
Complete Rig as
shown here
No Speed
loader or
Ammo Mag
Version B - Complete Rig
Comes with 1 Speed Loader
Version C - Complete Rig
Comes with 1 Ammo Mag.
Add to the Basic shoulder rig by adding either a speed loader or Ammo Mag
Once you place your order I
will contact you for all the
details you want on your
shoulder rig...caliber, size,
weapon etc.

Ammo Units may be placed
Horizontal if desired
Version A
Version B
Version C

Yes, we can
make dual
speed loader
and Mag units

Additional cost for
dual units:
Call Lynn before


It Pays
The John Henderson
Custom S&W 500 Chest Holster Rig
The entire combo set includes:
Gun Belt Only  - $329.00  
Rifle Sling& Ammo Sleeve - $345.00
Chest Holster Rig Only - $395.00
S&H 48 STATES:  $20.00
$1069.00 COMPLETE -Free S&H

Made for any weapon and caliber you desire.
22 different colors are available
To Insure perfect snug fit we
suggest the elastic belt tie
down shown here.
Fully Adjustable
Easy On/Easy Off
We Suggest
the Elastic
Belt Tie
Downs for
Most Rigs
The Harold Zeigler
Custom 1911 Shoulder Holster Rig

This custom shoulder holster is designed to allow
the holster to be adjustable up and down as well as
angled as wished.  We will have additional photos
once the client is ready for photos.

22 Different Colors
3 Lettering Styles
Genuine Suede lined
Can be made for most weapons
Left or Right Handed Versions
Top Straps spread the weight evenly for comfort