Custom, The world leader in  hand made leather holsters. This  requires both an artistic ability and love
for the leather trade.  Frontier leather Works' leathercraftsmen have dedicated their lives to making the
highest quality leather products using the best American hides available. Leather gun holsters are made
for most every handgun ever made.  All the hand made to client's specifications including 22 different
standard colors, FREE INITIALS AND 45 FREE STAMP IMAGES.  Floral designs are limitless and
available to every customer.  Our clients design the product and Frontier will hand make it.  From
Cowboy action gun leather rigs, to the custom speed loader pouches, black powder bags to rifle slings
and scabbards to arrow quivers, knife sheaths, Mares Leg holsters, Taurus Judge pistols, Glock, Sig,
Derringers, Shoulder holsters, conceal carry leather holsters, western gun leather rigs, survival hunting
leather holsters, gun belts, Colt, MilitaRY AND US MARINE HOLSTERS, Automag and Lar win
Grizzly, Wildey Win gun holsters, Bill Jordan, Beretta, 1851, 186o Army and civil  war holsters,
Chiappa Rhino holsters, No. American, Kimber, Ruger, Millennium Pro, Smith & Wesson, Ankle
holsters, Black powder bags and cows knees, all the way to complete custom rgun leather holsters and
rigs you design yourself...even replicas of famous movie gun holsters.
Taurus Judge Holsters, custom gun leather holsters for left and right handed. Judge
holsters, custom judge holsters.  BILL JORDAN BORDER PATROL HOLSTERS. Gun
Leather, Leather shoulder holsters, custom leather holsters.1911 shoulder holsters.  
Leather handgun holsters; cowboy leather,custom leather concealment
holsters,leather revolver holsters, custom leather holsters, sporting goods, huning,
holsters, belts and pouched for ammo. Vertical and horizonial holsters.  Undercover
holsters. Taurus Judge .45/.410/.454 Holsters. Shoulder Holsters, conceal carry,
concealed carry holsters, leather shoulder rigs and holsters. Public Defender revolvers,
Raging Judge Casell revolvers, Raging Bull holsters, leather holstersThe New Raging
Jdge .454 5 round and 6 round cylinder holsters, Taurus Speed loaders, Colt revolvers,
cowboy action holsters, conceal holsters, Bandeleer shoulder rigs holsters, leather
shoulder holsters, pancake holsters, pocket holsters for the Taurus Public Defender
.45 .410 revolver.  Ankle holsters for the public defender.  Taurus 3 inch, 4" and 6"
holsters for both left and right handed shooters.  Judge leather holsters made to your
specifications. Custom leather holsters, Shotgun belts ammo belts to match your
Taurus Judge revolvers in western style.  Shotgun ammo sleeves and slings made to
order.  Taurus handgun leather, taurus revolvers. And Taurus shoulder rigs made for
every weapon and revolver Taurus makes. Frontier Leather Works hand makes leather
holsters 24 hours a day.Rifle shotgun scabbard, slings; Judge defender conceal carry
holsters; Mares Leg Holsters;1911 leather holsters, conceal carry shoulder holsters;
Leather classes; 1851 and 1860 Army Navy Colt revolver holsters; AutoMag and Grizzly
shoulder holsters; Smith & Wesson leather holsters.  Marine and Military leather
holsters and shoulder rigs,Bonds Arms; Cowboy action and western gun leather
holsters; Civil War holsters; Chiappa Rhion holsters; Glock 19,26,27 and 33 holsters;
John Wayne holsters; Ankle holsters; Conceal back holsters; Lar Win Grizzly holsters;
Wildey Holsters; Speed Loader Pouches.  Ruger and Kimber gun leather holsters,
Millennium Pro and No. American leather holsters.  Conceal carry pocket holsters;
Ladies Conceal Handbag.  1810 No. Hampton hunting bag; Hunting bags; S&W
Governor holsters; Custom Knide Sheaths; 1911 leather holsters; Clint Eastwooed
gun leather holsters, Lone Ranger western cowboy action holsters;  Order your
Taurus Hi Grade leather holster today for your Taurus .45 .410 or .454 Raging Judge
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Taurus Judge Holsters for every Taurus Judge Made
Rifle and Shotgun Scabbard and Custom Slings & Quivers
Cowboy Action and Western Style Gun Leather Holsters
Standard and Lasered   Shoulder Holster Rigs & Bandeleers
Custom, Hand Made Mares Leg Rigs and Scabbards
Older 1860 Army Navy Holsters, Belts and Ammo Pouches
Auto Mag holsters and Rigs
Smith & Wesson Holsters
1911 Holsters, Shoulder Rigs & Paddle Holsters
Marine and Military Rigs
Civil War Style Holsters and Rigs
Small Weapons and Derringer Conceal Carry Holsters and Pouches
Chiappa Rhino Holsters...all custom hand made to your specifications
Bill Jordan Holsters and Rigs
Glock Holsters
Concealed Back Holster Rigs
Lar Win Grizzly Holsters
Wildey Holsters and Rigs
Speed Loader Pouches...Single & Multi
Millennium Pro Holsters
Ruger Holsters
Kimber Holsters
Pocket Holsters
Box Concealed Holsters
Ladies Concealed Carry Handbag
1810 No. Hampton Hunting Bag
Custom Hunting Bags
Men's Custom Hand Made Possible Bags
Frontier's John Wayne Combo Rig
Ankle Holsters
The Lone Ranger Style Custom Made Western Holsters
The White Collection
One of our Clients collection of holsters and rigs  revealing a unique design for the 1911's and other automatics

Frontier's R-80 Series Speed loaders & Mag. Holders
Custom Hand Made Knife Sheaths
S&W  Holsters
The Anderson Western Cowboy Rig
The Fisher Cowboy Rig
The Tompkins Western Rig
The Eastwood Cowboy Rig
The Oakleaf Western Tooled Rig
The Glick Combo Rig
The Native American Western Rig
The Goudy Combo Dual Rig
Large & Small Leather Quivers
Rifle / Shot Gun Scabbards
Custom Art and Laser Images Available for your holsters and rigs
Below you can see the Wolf Patch
before being sized to fit the belt

Laser Images
you can use
S&W Governor holsters
are the same as the Taurus
Judge holsters so you may
select most Judge holsters
and we will make it for your
The difference is small
All tooling is done by Hand
to your Specifications
Frontier's Master Leather Craftsman Tooling - Samples of previous work
Now Check out What's Else Is Available at Frontier
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Left and Right Handed
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2nd Amendment Holsters
Bill Jordan Style Holsters and Rigs
Thanking Our Troops
Send us pictures of your family members in the Service
and a note about their service and we'll post them on our site
Don't Try Telling These Soldier's That
Freedom Is FREE!
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to see
Frontier's All American Antique Liberty Flag Holster
Frontier's All American Flag Liberty Holsters
This beautiful
American Liberty
Flag Design
Can be added to
almost every item we
offer on this site
Call Lynn for
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Picture to see more
Just Click on any
Picture to see more
Just Click on any
Picture to see more
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Picture to see more
Custom Hand Made Bag
Pattern File "J"
Add a Custom heirloom Patch to your Rig
Inside the Belt is this Engraved leather
Patch Showing the
Serial Number of 0001
Now you can hand down your custom made rig to your
son or grandson.   Frontier's lasered heirloom patches
Do Just That
Since we hand make every leather item you see on our site
every one is different and can can numbered as 0001,
making your items one of a kind.
Add this Heirloom Patch to your leather product for only $40.00 extra

You can design
you own...

Frontier Leather
will make
it for you
Don't Have the Money but would like to Barter..No Problem

Will Barter for
Set of McCallum
or other Quality Bagpipes

African Blackwood
is a MUST

What would you like to Barter?
Lynn 1-866-405-1899
Check Out The Incredible Serpent/Dragon Hand Tooled Rig
Just click on this picture
PUG  Derringer
Ever Wonder How Leathercraftsmen tool images into leather?
Click the pictures below to see the progress of a
Dragon Holster Rig and a Western Holster Rig
Gun Belts ... Various Styles
Nice Selection of Knifes for your rig or Bandoleer shoulder rigs
A Few Sample shown here
Click any picture to see more.
Dozens more coming
by January 10th
Including Jack/Pocket Knives
The Beautiful Hand Made
Magnum Research
Holster and Belt
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and see the wide variety and different versions of that
product that are now available for you.
Standard & Custom Belt Selection Options
All Tuarus Judge Holsters ... Including the Raging Judges
Frontier is the World's leader this Taurus Judge Holsters
Frontier's New
Hunters Survival Chest Rig
Holds a wide range of
Sig Sauer Standard Holsters and Pocket Holsters
North American Firearms
Beretta  Holsters
Matt Dillon Style Western Rig
Modified version shown here
Modified version to clients specs.
Rifle Slings
WALTHERS  Holsters

Spider Web

One of a Kind...

Suede lined
Can be
made for
any weapon
FRONTIER'S Spider Holsters
Mares Leg Lever and Butt covers
Mares LegPistol Slings
Sample of Individual Holsters
Made to your Specifications
Left or Right Handed
Mares Leg Holster Rig
Mares Leg
Gun Belt and
Matching Holster
Leather Pepper Spray
Bond Arms  Holsters
Small Rifle Quiver

Spider Web Rig
Frontier's Silver Black Belt Holster
Suede Lined...Ammo loops for .45
Fits Taurus Judge 3-4 inch
First come gets this:
"Don't Tread on Me" holster
Johnny Ringo Cross draw Rig
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This knife & sheath can ship today.
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Personalized Pilot's Rig
Every Item on this site
has been Hand Made
One at a time
Immediate shipping TODAY
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There are 3 ways to order:
1: Select the item you want by clicking on either one of the pictures on this page or use the Navigation tabs on the left side of this page.  
2:  Call us with any questions you might have about any item and we will assist you.
3: Or Call us, set up a time to come down to the shop and get hands on help with your project.

Either way, we will confirm all aspects of your order with a full detailed Specification Sheet so we both understand what is required.
Real Beaver Hunting Bag
Custom, Hand Made
Rifle Scabbards
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All Custom Made In Pennsylvania
Rifle Slings
Proudly Made

Frontier Leather Works
Hand Makes every
items seen on this site
Yes, we make paddle holster for most weapons
Below is a sample for the 1911
835 Stively Road    Strasburg, Pennsylvania  17579
DIRECT LINE:  267-664-0485     Mon.-Thur: 8am-6pm     Fri: 8-5  EST  Sat. by Appointment  ONLY    Closed Sunday
Immediate Shipping
Hand Made
Holster Rigs
We are Proud to present a few examples of Our Newest Leather:
Antique Brown
I-Phone cases
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Pouches for every vapor
Water Buffalo
Antique Brown
Just Click Picture to Order One
This Set, like all
holsters we make,  
can be made for
most every weapon
you own.
We are full
custom and can
do most anything
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Custom Snap Ammo Slides
Click on any
picture to see
more or for
Any Caliber
HK Holsters
The Greatest Christmas
Gift you can give!
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here to see them all
Dual Western Rigs
for Men and Women
We offer 22 free colors and complete tooling.
Complete Matching Sets are also available..Left & Right Handed
Made in America....BY AMERICANS
Call Leathercraftsman:  Lynn for details
TOLL FREE     866-405-1899
I am often asked what leather I prefer above all others that I have worked
with these past 10 years...You are looking at it in the above photo:  WATER BUFFALO
Frontier's Leather craftsman:  L.B. Tompkins
Frontier's Top Choice Leather
"Water Buffalo"
Old or New....Must be in Great  Shape
Ever wanted
to play Bagpipes

Learn & Join
The Kiltie Band
of York

More info call Lynn at


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our ammo

Both The Henry  
and Rossi Mares
need a home and
Our Buffalo leather
fits the bill perfectly
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picture to see

Frontier Leather Works
is a Full Custom Leather Shop
and is now in the daily process of
simplifying this entire site.

Until it is complete you may call us directly for immediate
help in finding any leather product or item you'd like.

Speak directly with Leather craftsman
Lynn Tompkins
Direct Line:  267-664-0485
The photo's shown below are samples of leather products which can be seen throughout our site.
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Custom I-Phone Cases
Inside the Waist Band Holsters
Can be made for most small weapons

We make left and right handed
holsters for most all weapons
if most any configuration
you can think of.

Who else can say that?
Effective:  Thursday,  January 21, 2016
Our New Phone Number   267-664-0485
This Black Water Buffalo leather Holster Rig is Brand New and Ready for FREE Shipping
This cowboy
holster rig is ready
for immediate
FREE shipping.

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and scroll down
the western page
Walthers Holsters